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Liturgy of the RCA

How we worship shapes who we are. Liturgy comes together with doctrine and polity to form the Constitution of the RCA. Listed below is The Liturgy, approved by the whole church, as well as liturgies provided for occasional use.

The Liturgy is our “common prayer;” it declares what the church has agreed to say and do as it gathers for worship. Core orders of worship, including Sunday worship and the Sacraments,  are part of the Constitution of the RCA; other occasional orders are suggestive, to support the worship of local congregations. 

The Liturgy

The Liturgy consists of the rites (and the words used to perform those rites) that have been approved by the whole church. They have been proposed to the General Synod, approved by the General Synod, sent to the classes for approval, received the support of at least two-thirds of the classes, and declared constitutional by another General Synod.

Additional liturgies

The number of additional liturgies are not part of the Constitution of the RCA, but they are recommended for use throughout the RCA.

Worship the Lord

The Liturgy of the Reformed Church in America

A treasury of prayers and primary resource for planning and leading worship in RCA congregations.