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RCA News & Resources

A monthly newsletter that equips pastors and other church leaders with resources for ministering to their congregations and communities.

RCA Newsfeed

Get an email notification whenever we post RCA news or updates on This is a great way to stay up to speed during General Synod.



Dear Friends

Periodic updates sent from RCA missionaries to their supporters.

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Board of Benefits Services

Monthly financial guidance, retirement education, life and LTD insurance, tax information, the retiree chaplains program, and information about the benefits available to you if you are a participant in the Board of Benefits Services.

Women’s Transformation & Leadership

A quarterly newsletter from RCA Women’s Transformation and Leadership intended to encourage RCA women and offer opportunities for connection and leadership development.

Next Gen

A monthly newsletter for churches that want to grow in their capacity to embrace the leadership of the next generation, sent from the RCA Next Generation Engagement team.

Church Multiplication Newsletter

A monthly newsletter sharing resources and church planting opportunities straight to your inbox.

Short-Term Mission

A monthly newsletter highlighting opportunities for churches to serve on local and global mission trips.

AABC Newsletter

Get the latest news, views, and announcements from the African American Black Council. This newsletter is filled with devotionals, updates, and resources for you and your church. is the RCA’s church resourcing hub and faith-centered blog that serves both RCA members and the larger faith community. With resources from RCA staff, members of RCA churches, and Christians from other denominations, the site equips Christians to find ways to follow Jesus forward into the future of the church. A monthly newsletter highlights timely articles.


Global Mission Quarterly

Hear stories of how God is using your support to carry out God’s mission around the world.

Subscribe to receive a quarterly newsletter with stories of mission, updates, and ways to pray for missionaries. Note that this newsletter is sent by mail, not email.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is an award-winning quarterly newsletter published by RCA and CRC Disability Concerns that highlights the gifts and challenges of people living with disabilities. Breaking Barriers is available in English, Spanish, and Korean print and electronic versions. (The English version is also available in audio and large-print formats.) Print versions are sent in bulk to churches; individuals may subscribe to receive the digital version. Read past issues of Breaking Barriers.


Lavish Hope

Hosted by Rev. Liz Testa

Lavish Hope is about finding inspiration during a time when there are so many challenges, especially for marginalized communities and peoples. On this podcast you’ll uncover the kernel of resilience, the mustard seed of faith, that helps you get back to leading faithfully.

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The Black Church Still Speaks

Hosted by Rev. Peter Watts

The vision of The Black Church Still Speaks Podcast is to acknowledge the historical legacy of the Black church, reaffirm her biblical identity, and rediscover her missional vitality. 

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Re:Forming Podcast

Hosted by Ruth Langkamp and Anna Radcliffe

The Re:Forming Podcast hosts an intergenerational conversation about life’s biggest spiritual questions. Join us as we delve into your questions about identity, belonging, and purpose. New episodes drop every other Wednesday.

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