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Next Generation Engagement

Learn More About the Impact of Your Leadership

Who are we?

Next Generation Engagement seeks to empower and equip youth and young adults within all congregations. In addition, we work alongside congregations to better prioritize the formation of youth and young adults.

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Youth (0-18)

Summer opportunities

Camp Warwick

Camp Geneva


Cultivate gives 18- to 25-year-olds the chance to serve for a summer or a year alongside experienced missionaries and mission partners around the world.


Hope College

High-school students gather for one week exploring: Faith. Worship. Arts.

Mission opportunities

Mission Scholarships

Mission Trip Opportunities

For congregations

Growing Young Cohort

Start reaching teenagers and young adults like never before

Generation Spark

Building intergenerational relationships for the life of your church.

CCDE Annual Scholarship

A scholarship has been made available through the Commission on Christian Discipleship and Education for $1,000 per year in order to provide for professional and personal growth of those working in RCA education and discipleship ministries (continuing education scholarships, expenses related to continuing education events, etc.).

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What is child discipleship?

A 2022 study from the Barna Group confirms that one of the most important ministries in the church, if not the most important, is child discipleship. Yet, startling statistics show that children’s ministry leaders feel unequipped, overwhelmed, burned out, and afraid that children will leave the Christian faith in adulthood. It is critical that leaders in children’s ministry truly understand what child discipleship is and that they feel confident leading a ministry that forms robust, lifelong faith in children.

Drawing from Scripture, history, and psychology, Foundations of Child Discipleship is a two-month, online course that will equip leaders with knowledge and understanding of child discipleship in order to best embrace the church’s young disciples.

Interested? Read more about the course and register here.

Listening to your people

Looking to start somewhere with the next generation? Take a look at our Listening Guide for helpful tips!

College and seminary students

Our Seminaries

The two RCA seminaries, New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, have long, distinguished histories. As the oldest Protestant seminary in North America, New Brunswick traces its roots to 1784. Western was established in 1866.

Our Colleges

The Reformed Church in America has a tremendous resource to help nurture the on-going faith formation of our young people–its three colleges, Central College in Pella, Iowa; Hope College in Holland, Michigan; and Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.

This initiative is part of Transformed & Transforming, the RCA's 15-year vision for ministry.
Your gifts make this mission possible.