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Next Gen Engagement

Fostering intergenerational relationships so all people can help steward in the kingdom of God.

We empower and equip children and young adults to lead the church, and we come alongside faith communities to prioritize and disciple the youth entrusted to their care.

The Church of Today

Too often we consider children and young people “the church of tomorrow.” That is a dangerous phrase for the future of faith. The fact is, if there is to be a “church of tomorrow,” we must help children and youth embrace their role as the church today.

In Next Generation Engagement, we come alongside churches to help them see children and youth as the leaders they are. Through the fostering of intergenerational relationships, we bring the church together in ministry, community, and worship. The result is all generations influencing each other’s faith development, as together they are formed, transformed, and conformed to the image of Christ.

Ruth Langkamp and Jael Serrano posing in She Is Called t-shirts at an RCA event for mission

Resources and equipping for individuals and congregations

What do you need to better disciple children and young people?

Generation Spark

Build mentoring relationships in your church!

Foundations of Child Discipleship

Confidently lead children’s ministry that forms lifelong faith

Growing Young

Raise up confident leaders to be the future church

Deconstruction Toolkit

What you should know about faith deconstruction

Understanding Digital Culture Can Help the Church Disciple Young Millennials and Gen Z

The Health of the Future Church Depends on Children’s Ministry Today

Why It’s Imperative That We Continue the Legacy of Faith

3 Essentials for Faith Formation the Church Can Give Every Parent and Caregiver


We’re here to help with:
Listening sessions with young leaders
Support for your children and young adults