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What is your plan for discipleship?

How is that plan working?

Discipleship is

growing in the character and competency of Jesus Christ.

The goal of the disciple is not only to look like Jesus, but also to do what Jesus does.

Let us help you do that and encourage you in teaching others to do that too.

Let’s become more like Jesus together.

Together, we are

We walk with you in the discipleship journey.

Join a community of people doing discipleship together.

Together, we are

We are partners who are seeking to provide an example worthy of imitation, and we want to equip you to train others.

Learn how to be a practitioner as we coach you to train others.

Together, we use
proven pathways.

We encourage and invite you to engage with a host of proven pathways that work for your context.

Access content that works for you, in your context, and for your journey.


Lightning Sessions

10 minutes

Want to get started on your path to becoming a disciple of Christ? Come to our Lightning Lesson sessions where we will discuss various ways to improve your disciplining practices. These brief lessons are on the first Thursday of each month.

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1 hour

Join us for ongoing discussions on Discipleship. Our Discipleship team will spend one hour each month focusing on various aspects of Discipleship. Sign up for the next free interactive webinar today.

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Coaching cohort

9 months

Whether you are young, old, a pastor, lay leader, or an individual trying to understand and live into your discipleship calling – we invite you to consider the following questions and take the next faithful step. What is God saying to you? How are you living in obedience? Join a coaching cohort where you will learn, listen, and live in a way that looks more like Jesus.

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This CAN make a difference in your context!

Transformed and Transforming has equipped myself and members within our congregation to see disciple-making as an attainable reality. The 3DM tools and resources used in the process help to facilitate growth in challenging and grace-filled dialogue and relationships.

Ciro RomeroWoodcliff Community Reformed Church | North Bergen, NJ

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