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Pastoral Search Support

Is your church going through a pastoral transition? Or are you a pastor seeking a new call?

We want to help pastors and search teams navigate pastoral transitions with hope, energy, and fresh vision.

For churches
For ministers

Church leaders and church search teams

Church Profile Form

The Church Profile form is a helpful tool for pastors aiming to gain a deeper understanding of potential congregations. When pastors are considering a new ministry opportunity, churches can provide this form to help them comprehend the unique characteristics and needs of their ministry.

Once you’ve opened the church profile form in your browser, please download the form to your computer and save it under a new name. Then you can proceed to make edits.

When you are ready, attach your profile form to your job postings and/or post it on your website with the job posting.

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Download the Church Profile form

Pastoral Search Handbook

The Pastoral Search Handbook is a valuable resource for classis supervisors, consistories, and search teams, providing guidance on effective ways to search for a pastor.

Download the Pastoral Search Handbook

Other Resources

Formulating safe and legal interview questions

“Religious corporations, associations, educational institutions, or societies are exempt from the federal laws that EEOC enforces when it comes to the employment of individuals based on their particular religion. In other words, an employer whose purpose and character is primarily religious is permitted to lean towards hiring persons of the same religion” (see more at Pre-Employment Inquiries and Religious Affiliation or Beliefs).

Pastors looking for a call

Minister Profile Form

A Minister Profile form serves as a valuable resource for churches aiming to familiarize themselves with prospective candidates. Churches may seek this form when evaluating individuals.

Upon accessing the Minister Profile form through your browser, kindly download it to your computer and save it with a new name before making any necessary edits.

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Download the Minister Profile formDownload the Minister Profile companion piece