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The Renovations Cohort

Rekindle your church's treasured traditions

We believe that every church has “good bones.” The Renovations Cohort gives your church the training and tools to reimagine the best of your treasured traditions (“the bones”) for flourishing ministry today and beyond. 

The last few years have been exhausting for many church leaders. When shepherding your church through the week takes everything you have to give, you can’t always process the bigger picture. Renovations invites you to slow down and take stock of what God is up to. Where have you been? Where is God calling you next? Identify what’s shifted, evaluate your congregation’s current reality, and explore the possibilities before you with renewed imagination.

Apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to pursue ministry innovation at the end of the cohort!*

*Must be in good standing with the RCA or an ecumenical partner

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Gain insights on seven key areas of church health:

  • Church culture
  • Theology
  • Traditions
  • Relationships
  • Justice work
  • Training
  • Leadership

How you'll learn

Our learning is powered by collaboration. When we learn together, we can help each other identify the movement of the Holy Spirit beyond our context. That’s why the Renovations learning process is multifaceted and designed to foster relationships.

Watch and discuss thought-provoking masterclasses

Watch masterclasses led by national ministry leaders and discuss what you’re learning with your church team (2–5 staff, consistory, or high level leaders/volunteers from your church). Each masterclass comes with a guide that includes prompts and questions to help you and your team process the material and better contextualize how it relates to your ministry setting. The online material can be completed slower or faster depending upon your congregation and team’s needs. 

Get personalized support and encouragement

Meet once a month via Zoom with a trained coach. Your coach will help you continue to apply what you’re learning to your own ministry context, inviting you to explore God’s vision for your congregation more deeply. 

Receive up to $5,000 to implement your ideas

At the end of Renovations, we hope that you will have an idea for your own ministry renovation that you’d like to try. And we want to help you put it into action. So when you successfully complete the cohort and bring us your renovation proposal, you’ll be eligible to receive up to $5,000 toward your idea!

Applying for Renovations

Your first step on your Renovations journey is an exploratory call with our team. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and tell us about your ministry context. If it sounds like Renovations is a good fit, we’ll send you your application form after the call.

Key dates and details

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • The first step is to schedule a call with our team members.
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Featured speakers

Donna Barber

Executive director and co-founder of The Voices Project

Donna Barber has been an educator, trainer, and coach for youth in urban areas for more than 25 years. She oversees a national network for training and promoting leaders of color.

Leroy Barber

Director of innovation in the United Methodist Church

Leroy Barber is a pastor, innovator, entrepreneur, author, and lover of the arts. He has dedicated 30 years to working toward what Dr. King called “the beloved community.”

Ken Barr, Jr.

Gallup-certified Strengths coach

Ken Barr, Jr. is a licensed professional counselor, career coach, and organizational consultant. As Michigan’s first Gallup-certified Strengths coach, he has helped more than 20,000 people begin their StrengthsFinder journey.

Jonathan “Pastah J” Brooks

Pastor of Lawndale Christian Community Church

Jonathan “Pastah J” Brooks is a pastor, speaker, writer, artist, and community activist. A lifelong resident of the Chicago area, he is a firm believer in investing in your local community.

James Harris

Pastor of Trenches Community Church

James Harris is a pastor with a genuine love for God and people, known for his practical and transparent teaching style.

Kathie (VanderPloeg) Hoekstra

Retired CEO of Ship-Pac, Inc.

Kathie Hoekstra began working at Ship-Pac, Inc. as a part-time job to pay for college, but it became a career-long home. She ultimately became the CEO of the company. Hoekstra has also mentored a number of people entering the business world, particularly young women, and has served on the boards of 16 different organizations. She recently helped launch a second campus for her church.

Josh Laxton, Ph.D.

Assistant director of the Billy Graham Center

In addition to his work at the Billy Graham Center, Josh Laxton serves as a teaching pastor of Wheaton Bible Church and the assistant director of Lausanne North America. His writings have been featured on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer,, and

Lester Lin

Founder and CEO of City Mission NYC

Lester Lin’s non-profit helps aid people experiencing homelessness and immigrants in one of the most diverse zip codes in the world. Lin is involved in a number of companies that support the natural talents of his community as well, from a record label to an insurance company. He is also a church planter.

Rev. Micah L. McCreary, Ph.D.

President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Dr. McCreary is not only an ordained minister and seminary president, but is also a professional counselor who served as a psychology professor for more than two decades.

Dr. Graham McKeague

Dean of professional and graduate studies, Cornerstone University

Dr. Graham McKeague is a dean and professor who equips ministry leaders to serve in increasingly diverse cultural contexts.

Tia Norman

Pastor of the Awakenings Movement

Tia Norman honors the contemplative aspects of life as a meditation guide, as a teacher, and through serving as the pastor of the Awakenings Movement.

Rev. Dr. Joanne Solis-Walker

Associate dean and professor of leadership, Emory University School of Theology 

Rev. Dr. Joanne Solis-Walker has a wide array of entrepreneurial experiences, is a certified coach for multiethnic churches and organizations, and is an advocate for equity and accessibility.

Ready to renovate?

Your first step on your Renovations journey is an exploratory call with our team. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and tell us about your ministry context. If it sounds like Renovations is a good fit for you, we’ll send you your application form after the call.

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