Next Generation Engagement

Is your church ready to raise up the next generation to lead ministry?

The church needs every generation, yet many churches are missing out on the gifts and perspectives of youth and young adults. Next Generation Engagement is not about making a younger church. The mission is a multigenerational church, where each generation’s experience is honored and everyone has a place at the table.

When it comes to youth and young people in the church, what’s often missing is keychain leadership—intentionally passing on the keys to real responsibility and influence through close collaboration. How can the next generation grow and learn to lead without aid, proper tools, or trusted mentors to walk beside them every step of the way? The next generation cannot be expected to succeed and flourish if they are simply given the baton without the training. They cannot grow if they are neither given places of leadership nor trust in their responsibilities.

Together, we can change this.

Next Generation Engagement is an important part of Transformed & Transforming, the RCA’s vision for the next several years. The three priority areas—discipleship, leadership, and mission—all have an emphasis on engaging the next generation. Youth and young people, like everyone else, are invited to join in hearing God’s call and acting on it, taking a stand, and reaching out into the world.

Read more about the priority areas and practical next steps for your church to engage this vision:

Opportunities for Next Generation Engagement:

Fuller Youth Institute: Growing Young Cohort

Join area churches in a year-long process to “grow young.” Your team will take an assessment, attend two in-person summits, learn through regular online webinars, and have the benefit of personalized coaching throughout the year.

Space is limited, so we recommend you register as soon as possible. The final deadline is December 7, 2019.

Generation Spark

Hosted by Hope College, Generation Spark specifically pairs a student with an adult mentor to work on problems together. This process not only develops leadership skills in young people, but it also aims to instill in them a sense of identity in the church.

“It’s not just talk, it’s action. … Generation Spark is unique in that it finally is doing the ‘something’ we have been talking about for decades by incorporating two of the overlooked groups – youth as well as older members – into the accomplishment of the task.” –Rev. Joel Boot, retired executive director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America

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