RCA Basics

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The Archives of the Reformed Church in America represents the enduring memory of the church.

Book of Church Order

The Book of Church Order contains the Government, the Disciplinary and Judicial Procedures, the Bylaws and Special Rules of Order of the General Synod, and the Formularies.

Church Statistical Data

Church statistical data from 2000-present.

Creeds and Confessions

The RCA is confessional, which means that together we have statements of belief, called creeds and confessions. These statements guide our understanding of faith and shape its practice.

Ecumenical Partners

An explanation of the RCA's ecumenical partnerships.

General Synod

The 2019 General Synod took place June 6-11 on the campus of Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission and vision statement of the RCA.

RCA Specifics

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