A General Note before You Begin

As you browse through the resources in this section of the RCA website (or through other resources the links to which are provided in this section), and before you read, download and/or use any of them, please keep the following in mind.

These resources come from various sources and are provided for various purposes. Some were prepared by individuals for the express purpose of having them posted here for you to use. Others were prepared by individuals when dealing with a particular situation, and only later did that person (or someone else) think that it might be useful to share his or her work product with you.

In some instances, the resource attempts to summarize what the RCA's Book of Church Order (BCO) says on a particular subject. Sometimes the BCO provisions are mandatory. In other instances they establish certain limitations but do not mandate specific actions, and as a result you may freely roam within those limitations. Regardless, while the authors have made reasonable efforts to make his or her document consistent with the BCO, we can't guarantee it. We therefore remind you that these resources do not amend, modify or supersede any provision of the BCO, and we encourage you to always read the applicable provisions of the BCO and make sure you comply with them.

In other instances, the resource covers a topic that simply is not addressed in the BCO. Here the author usually identifies the topic and summarizes an approach or procedure that worked for him or her. The actions described are not required (and in many instances are not even suggested) by the BCO. Here again, we remind you that while the authors have made reasonable efforts to avoid inconsistencies with the BCO, we can't guarantee it. We therefore encourage you to read the resources carefully, consider whether the suggested approaches or procedures are appropriate for your particular situation, and remember that any inconsistencies between the suggested approaches or procedures and the BCO are not intended, and in such situations the BCO controls.

Finally, a word about resources that cover legal or financial matters (e.g., information about taxes, incorporation, accounting, etc.). In some instances the author is an attorney; in other instances the author is not. Regardless, the author does not intend to provide legal, financial or other professional advice or services to you or anyone else, and you should not rely on the resource as such. Additionally, by using any portion of this website you are not creating a confidential relationship (attorney-client or otherwise) of any sort with anyone. If you communicate with anyone through any portion of this website, such communications are not necessarily privileged or confidential. If you need assistance with a legal, financial or similar matter, retain a qualified attorney, accountant or similar professional who is licensed to practice in the relevant state or province. Neither the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America, the General Synod Council of the Reformed Church in America, nor any other agency, assembly or institution of the Reformed Church in America, nor any individual who contributes any resources or materials to this website, is responsible for any loss, injury, liability, or damage that may result from your use of this site or any of the resources provided on it, whether from errors or omissions in the content of this site or any linked sites, from the site being inaccessible at any time, or from any other cause.