Classis supervisor resources: pastoral transitions

This video and its accompanying worksheets are intended to be a resource for classis supervisors who will be helping churches go through a time of pastoral transition. Within this resource, you'll learn what is involved in a healthy transition, and also discover tips and resources to help you guide churches through each stage of the process. The worksheets are intended to help you process information and ask deeper questions as you watch each video. 
Session 1 video:
This session offers an introduction to the work of classis supervisors as it relates to pastoral transitions. 

Session 2 video:
This session discusses the process of closing a pastoral relationship and how a classis supervisor can assist in this work.

Session 3 video:
This session talks about the role of the congregation in a pastoral transition, and how a classis supervisor can help them be most effective. 

Session 4 video:
This session offers tips for the pastoral search process. 

Session 5 video:
This session discusses the process of calling a new pastor and helping him or her get settled in that new role.