Resources for All Consistory Members

Learn What Consistory Is

Guidelines for Consistory Members: What does it take to be a member of the consistory? This document will walk you through the requirements and tasks of consistory members.

Faithful Consistories: This paper can help you understand how the three offices of a consistory—pastor, elder, and deacon—work together to lead the church.

Learn about Leadership Training

Deacons and Elders: Called to Serve: This training resource available from Faith Alive can help you learn what it means to be an elder or a deacon, and can help prepare you to lead your congregation.

Purposeful Living Handbook: Use this structured and biblical process on your own or as a consistory to explore how God is calling you to use your gifts in your church. (While we now house resources like Purposeful Living on, the process was developed by the RCA and is recommended for use in RCA churches.)

How Church Order Helps When We Disagree

Impact Your Community

Ministering to Families Affected by Military Deployment: This document offers resources and advice on how to minister to those whose loved ones are currently deployed.

Welcome Them Home, Help Them Heal: This resource was written to equip pastors, elders, and deacons support and advocate for veterans and their families as they adjust to life after deployment.

Meet Well

Devotions for Consistory Meetings: Access 12 devotions written specifically for consistory meetings.

Case Studies to Support a Transformation in How Consistories Interact. Interested in learning about different ways to work together as a consistory? Take a look at these case studies to find new ways to do consistory.

Navigate Legal and Tax Issues

Incorporation of Local Churches: The RCA doesn't require the incorporation of your church, but there are advantages to it. This webpage will give you information on what incorporation will do for you and how to go about that process.

Primer/worksheet for creating by-laws for a local church: Use this resource to help develop bylaws for your church.

Treasurer Resources: This web page provides links to many IRS publications that will help you understand tax guidelines for churches and other religious nonprofits.

Risk Assessment Checklist: You can minimize your church's legal risk by regularly reviewing the Risk Assessment Checklist.

Safer Places: This resource helps churches learn how to protect vulnerable persons from abuse and other mistreatment. It also helps protect resources from loss or mismanagement through education and training, self-disclosure, and background, credit and reference checks.