Day of Prayer for Crops and Industry


Activity Ideas

From The Arthur Rank Centre, which serves rural English churches and communities.

  • Serve a banquet in a local community hall.
  • Host a farmers' market in your church or give thanks at a regular community farmers' market venue.
  • Put on a cooking demonstration with foods from the Bible.
  • Sponsor a progressive meal, using people's homes for different courses. Encourage the use of locally grown foods.
  • Teach a seminar based on the biggest name brands in local grocery stores to demonstrate where food comes from.
  • Publish a directory of local farmers who grow and sell produce or other food items.

Involve local farmers and growers, food processing companies, retailers, and caterers in any event that you plan. This will give all those involved in the long and complex food chain the opportunity to give thanks for the abundance of God's generosity and for God-given human ingenuity. It is important to affirm the hard work and dedication of those who have a hand in feeding us. Consider involving local schools in a special emphasis on healthy diets.

Offer a seminar or discussion that looks at our current economic system in light of God's commands to act justly, to meet the needs of the poor, and to care for the environment.