Resources for Deacons

The Greek word in the Bible for deacon, diakonos, means servant.

As a deacon, you play a key role in moving your church into missions of justice, mercy, and compassion. You might organize soup kitchens, lead work groups to repair homes for those who need help or clean up a local stream, or minister to people with AIDS.

To learn more about your work as a deacon, browse through the links below:

What it means to be a deacon

The Ministry of the Deacon: This booklet helps deacons become better prepared to lead in ministries of mercy, service, and outreach. You can download a PDF in English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

Training resources for deacons

Deacons and Elders: Called to Serve: This training resource can help you learn what it means to be an elder or a deacon, and can help prepare you to lead your congregation.

Diaconal Training PowerPoint presentation (3.3 MB) The Synod of the Great Lakes created this training tool to help deacons gain a better understanding of what it means to serve in the office of deacon.

Check out the Resources for All Consistory Members webpage for more information on how to make an impact as a member of consistory.