Resources for Elders

As an elder, you are responsible for sound teaching and discipline within your church, and for the spiritual well-being of the congregation. You are called to ensure that members of your church are nurtured through Scripture, worship, the sacraments, and prayer.

What it means to be an elder

What's an Elder to Be? What are elders called to be in the RCA? This webpage and video help answer that question and provide elders with direction in their ministries and leadership of their congregations.

The Ministry of the Elder: This booklet, available to download as a PDF, was written by an RCA minister to help elders understand their role in the church. It gives a brief introduction to the ministry of an elder.

Elder FAQ: Learn more about your work as an elder by looking through these frequently asked questions.

Training resources for elders

Deacons and Elders: Called to Serve: This training resource can help you learn what it means to be an elder or a deacon, and can help prepare you to lead your congregation.

Come to the Water: This three-week study draws on the richness and centering power of baptism to help you empower the church to begin to see baptism as singular and ongoing. Available are a Leader's Guide (PDF) and a Participant's Guide (PDF).

Membership: Active and Inactive: Maintaining accurate membership roles is one of the duties of the board of elders. This paper will help you understand how membership works in RCA churches so you can ensure your membership roles are up-to-date.

Presenting Children for Baptism: This paper, prepared for General Synod 2007, will help you understand who can present a child for baptism in the RCA.

Check out the Resources for All Consistory Members webpage for more information on how to make an impact as a member of consistory.