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Commission on Christian Discipleship and Education

The Commission on Christian Discipleship and Education advocates for and develops strategies for people of all ages to be fully included in the mission and life of the RCA. It monitors, evaluates, and reports on the RCA’s progress in ministries of education and discipleship with children, youth, adults, and families. The commission collaborates with RCA staff, assemblies, agencies, and institutions to promote and strengthen the next generation in discipleship within RCA congregations. And, it advocates for the ongoing preparation of those who carry out the church’s teaching ministry (BCO Chapter 3, Part I, Article 5, Section 12).


Christian education had been the responsibility of the Board of Education, which was merged into the General Program Council (GPC) in 1968. Christian education was one of the major responsibilities of GPC staff. For most of the RCA’s history, there was no committee or commission reporting to the General Synod on matters of Christian education and discipleship; rather, reports and actions came through the GPC report. The Commission on Christian Education and Discipleship was established by the General Synod in 2002 (MGS 2002, R-47, p. 214). Synod approved a name change to the Commission on Christian Discipleship and Education in 2010 (MGS 2010, R-79, p. 301). In 2014, the commission proposed changes to its responsibilities as listed in the General Synod bylaws, which were incorporated into the BCO in 2016.


The seven members of the commission must have a knowledge of and interest in Christian education. At least three members must be in discipleship and education roles in RCA churches, and one member must be on the faculty at an RCA-affiliated institution.

Please consider whether service on the Commission on Christian Discipleship and Education is something to which God is calling you. If it is, provide the Commission on Nominations with information about yourself by completing a profile form.

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