Commission on Christian Worship

The Commission on Christian Worship advises the church of changes needed in the Liturgy and the Directory for Worship. It creates and distributes worship resources for church and personal use. The commission recommends standards for worship music and is responsible for the Rejoice in the Lord hymnal, along with its subsequent editions and successor. Additionally, the commission advises the church on the various versions of the Bible and informs the church of current developments in liturgics, hymnody, and other worship resources with appropriate critique (BCO Chapter 3, Part I, Article 5, Section 11).


The initial Permanent Committee on Doctrine and Standards (1926 to 1927) urged the appointment of a permanent committee. The committee was recreated as the Committee on the Revision of the Liturgy (active from 1932 to 1961) and then the Permanent Committee on the Revision of the Liturgy (1962 to 1974). It was officially renamed the Committee on Worship in the General Synod bylaws in 1975. In 1980, it first reported as the Commission on Worship, and in 1989, it first reported as the Commission on Christian Worship.


The seven members of this commission must be interested in and have knowledge of liturgics, arts, or church music.

Please consider whether service on the Commission on Christian Worship is something to which God is calling you. If it is, provide the Commission on Nominations with information about yourself by completing a profile form.

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