Resources for plants

Church planting grants

Thanks to a partnership with the RCA Church Growth Fund and the support of generous donors, RCA Church Multiplication provides a holistic funding system to support the efforts of our church plants, parent churches, and classis and regional leaders.

Please review the following information thoroughly, and if you have additional questions please email

Micro grants

The Reformed Church in America Church Multiplication team has 13 micro-grants available for church plants to support church planter development and church plant growth. Six grants are specifically to support planter development, and the other seven support church development. Grant applications are accepted throughout the year and are typically reviewed within three weeks of the submission. A single church plant is able to apply for $15,000-$25,000 in micro-grants based on the strategy/lane.

Planter development grants
These grants help assess, train, and support church planters. Grants are available for assessments, credentialing, training in fundraising, and more.

Church Plant Milestone Grants
These grants help new churches grow, expand, and develop in various ways. Grants are available for apprenticeship, equipment and facilities, parenting a new church, and more. To qualify for a church plant milestone grant, church plants must have an approved New Congregation Plan.

Email for grant information and application forms.

Block grants

Church plants in classis that are able to demonstrate its use of best practices for church multiplication have the option of applying for a block grant of up to $25,000 instead of the micro-grants. Classes that want their church plants to be block grant eligible must fill out the Block grant qualification form.

Once your application is approved, you church plants are able to apply for the block grant with the Block grant application.

Classis capacity grants

The RCA Church Multiplication team wants to come alongside classis leaders and churches to empower exponential growth and impact in a deep and permanent way. To this end, the RCA offers a classis capacity grant of up to $22,500 per classis. This grant is available for classes that do not have an active church multiplication team. For one year, the RCA will offer startup funding to help guide leaders and systems toward best practices in church multiplication.

For an overview of the process, review the Classis capacity grant information

If your classis is ready to start the process, please complete the Classis capacity grant application.


Qualified multiplication coaches have received additional coaching training from the RCA Church Multiplication team. This prepares them to coach church planters and parenting churches through the unique challenges and opportunities that come with planting a new church.

The cost for coaching will be determined between coach and coachee.

View coach list

Nate Visker

Languages spoken: English
Location: Spring Lake, MI
Coaching experience: I have been the recipient of coaching for nine years.  I have received basic and advanced coach certification as well as certification as a church planter coach and parent church coach.  I have been coaching ministry leaders since 2016 and have served six leaders during that time.
Coaching values and approach: I believe that each person is an expert on their situation.  My goal is to help them explore their challenges and opportunities and hear the Spirit’s voice and know the Spirit’s direction.  I find it very satisfying to witness the “aha” moment and know that God has joined the conversation.  I want the person I serve to leave a coaching session with more clarity about what is most important and to have a path toward the place God is leading them.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: phone, video, or face-to-face
Meyers-Briggs result: INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
Hobbies: Hiking, Running, spending time with my teenage kids
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Pedro Aviles

Languages spoken: English, some Spanish
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Coaching experience: I have experience with church planters and pastors of existing churches.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Face-to-face, Google Hangouts
Meyers-Briggs results: INTP
StrengthsFinder results: Learner, Futurist, Arranger, Connectedness, Positivity
Hobbies: Fishing, listening to music, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Fred De Jong

Languages spoken: English
Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Coaching experience: I am a certified church planter coach and have been certified for more general coaching as well. I have formally and informally coached pastors, staff, and lay people in a variety of church settings (CRC and RCA). I myself have been coached for more than five years.
Coaching values and approach: I have a relational style, applying spiritual discernment to help a coachee assess his or her situation, identify goals, and develop strategic steps to achieve desired outcomes. Along the way, I provide personal encouragement and spiritual support.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: face-to-face, phone, video calling
Meyers-Briggs result: ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
Hobbies: Running, golf, reading
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Mary Ann Wierks

Language spoken:  English
Location: Holland, Michigan
Coaching experience: I have been coaching candidates from three different ethnic groups for the role of commissioned pastor, as well as coaching church planters. I have also done life coaching. In ministry I have been both a new church planter and a new church parent pastor.
Coaching type: Church planters
Methods of coaching offered: Face-to-face, Skype, telephone, or other web-based conferencing
DiSC assessment result: DI
Hobbies: Biking, swimming, scuba diving, powered paragliding, traveling, reading to grandchildren
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Mike Hayes

Language spoken: English
Location: San Francisco, California
Coaching experience: I have been involved in coaching relationships for 20 years, both coaching church planters and being coached.
Coaching values and approach: A career of 25 years in church planting and church plant supervision has given me a good sense of what questions to ask church planters and parent churches so that they may discover for themselves the goal-focused next steps best suited for their competencies, passions, and ministry contexts.
Other certifications: Church Leader Inventory and Church Leader Spouse Inventory (CLI/CLSI) coaching
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Phone, Skype, Google+ hangout, or other web-based conferencing
DiSC assessment result: DC
Hobbies: Fly fishing, golf, trekking
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Ben Ingebretson

Language spoken: English
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Coaching experience: More than ten church planters. More than ten revitalization pastors. More than ten parent congregation leaders. More than ten years of coaching experience with leaders in the RCA, CRC, and the United Methodist Church.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching, revitalization coaching, parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Any or all offered. Prefer a face-to-face meeting or Google hangout for initial sessions.
DiSC assessment result: ID
Hobbies: Running, biking, sailing, kids and family activities, tennis, travel
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Rodrigo Cano 

Language spoken: English and Spanish
Location: Aurora, Illinois
Coaching experience: I have been coaching church planters for the last three years. I have coached church planters who are at the beginning of the process as well as church planters who are trying to redirect their strategy. My own experience as a church planter as well as my leadership at a multi site church has given me a strategic perspective and a balance between listening to God’s voice and setting systems and processes that will move the mission forward.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Face to face, Zoom, calls
DiSC assessment result: INTP
Hobbies: One of my passions is running. I like to run long distances having completed four marathons and training to do some more.
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Toby Gruppen 

LinkedIn:  Toby Gruppen
Language spoken: English
Location: Holland, Michigan
Coaching experience: I have been involved in the church planting world since 2005 where I have had the opportunity to walk with a few different coaches during this time. Having different coaches allowed me to learned their various styles and tools to assist in the planting and growth phases of starting a new congregation.
My own personal coaching of planters has allowed me to walk alongside pastors planting very different models; all the way from a micro-church concept to a level 3 high capacity launch model.  Besides coaching fellow church planters, I have also had the unique opportunity to coach business leaders. The church I served was located in a manufacturing facility and gave me access to the daily business world.
Ministry experience:
Youth Ministry (14 years) – Developed the Bridge Ministry Center a community youth center in Zeeland, MI
Planted LifeQuest Church (13 years)– unique church plant embedded in a manufacturing facility offering access to a diverse people group of over 15 languages.
Holland Classis Church Multiplication Team Leader (13 years)– created and provide leadership to a collaboration of 4 classis (Holland / Zeeland – RCA/CRC) to help focus on church planting together.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching / Business leader coaching (Business as Mission)
Methods of coaching offered: Face to face (preferred), Zoom, Phone calls
APEST assessment result: Apostolic / Prophetic
Hobbies: Biking, Beaches with family, Finances
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee