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Resources for church plants

Here are the ways we support our church plants


What’s the value of planting with the RCA?

When you plant with us, you’re not alone. You’ve joined our family, and as part of that family, you have access to denominational support. 

What’s denominational support?

What about the denomination as a whole?

  • You have a sending church partner to support and advocate for you at the local level, and you are part of a family with a shared faith and heritage for nearly 400 years.
  • That shared faith and heritage is the backbone of the reformed covenant theology that binds us together into a multi-ethnic and diverse family.

Assessment and Training

How does access to assessment and training support me?

  • Assessment helps you know what you are good at and what you need help with, it helps you understand your strengths and your blindspots, and they are scientifically validated assessments with a history, so you can trust the results.
  • After you take the assessments, you have access to thousands of training opportunities, which are available in both English and Spanish. These self-paced training opportunities build out your skill set and increase your odds of success.

Multiplication Network Ministries
Church Planter training available in several languages.

Fresh Expressions
Smaller, contextual versions of church often organized around a common theme.

Assessment and training for our Multiplication Center Model plants

Planter Plan
Project Management software app for RCA plants.


How do partnerships benefit a church plant?

Partnerships give you layers of support: a denominational layer, a local layer, and an international layer.

Reformed Church in America

Being part of a denomination like the Reformed Church in America means you're part of a family. This family comes together in planting a new church. The RCA has been planting new churches for almost 400 years, and our long history and rich theology grounds us as the gospel compels us forward.

View our theology

Sending churches

Partnering with established churches is a huge blessing to new church plants, and it's a two-way street. Sending churches provide relationship, guidance, prayer and financial support. In return they grow in vitality, enthusiasm for the gospel, and learn from the church plant. As church plants grow and become self-sustaining, they send out new congregations themselves, growing a multiplication system where planting new churches is embedded in their very DNA.

RCA Global Mission

Historically, the RCA has planted churches within the United States and Canada. Now we’re also planting internationally. We do this in partnership with RCA Global Mission, benefitting from their 300 years of experience working with local leaders, as we start churches in Costa Rica, Nepal, Hungary, Kenya, the Netherlands, India, Thailand, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and more.

View RCA Global Mission


Qualified multiplication coaches have received additional coaching training from the RCA Church Multiplication team. This prepares them to coach church planters and parenting churches through the unique challenges and opportunities that come with planting a new church.

The cost for coaching will be determined between coach and coachee.

View coach list

Nate Visker

Languages spoken: English
Location: Spring Lake, MI
Coaching experience: I have been the recipient of coaching for nine years.  I have received basic and advanced coach certification as well as certification as a church planter coach and parent church coach.  I have been coaching ministry leaders since 2016 and have served six leaders during that time.
Coaching values and approach: I believe that each person is an expert on their situation.  My goal is to help them explore their challenges and opportunities and hear the Spirit’s voice and know the Spirit’s direction.  I find it very satisfying to witness the “aha” moment and know that God has joined the conversation.  I want the person I serve to leave a coaching session with more clarity about what is most important and to have a path toward the place God is leading them.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: phone, video, or face-to-face
Meyers-Briggs result: INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
Hobbies: Hiking, Running, spending time with my teenage kids
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Pedro Aviles

Languages spoken: English, some Spanish
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Coaching experience: I have experience with church planters and pastors of existing churches.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Face-to-face, Google Hangouts
Meyers-Briggs results: INTP
StrengthsFinder results: Learner, Futurist, Arranger, Connectedness, Positivity
Hobbies: Fishing, listening to music, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Fred De Jong

Languages spoken: English
Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Coaching experience: I am a certified church planter coach and have been certified for more general coaching as well. I have formally and informally coached pastors, staff, and lay people in a variety of church settings (CRC and RCA). I myself have been coached for more than five years.
Coaching values and approach: I have a relational style, applying spiritual discernment to help a coachee assess his or her situation, identify goals, and develop strategic steps to achieve desired outcomes. Along the way, I provide personal encouragement and spiritual support.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: face-to-face, phone, video calling
Meyers-Briggs result: ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
Hobbies: Running, golf, reading
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Mary Ann Wierks

Language spoken:  English
Location: Holland, Michigan
Coaching experience: I have been coaching candidates from three different ethnic groups for the role of commissioned pastor, as well as coaching church planters. I have also done life coaching. In ministry I have been both a new church planter and a new church parent pastor.
Coaching type: Church planters
Methods of coaching offered: Face-to-face, Skype, telephone, or other web-based conferencing
DiSC assessment result: DI
Hobbies: Biking, swimming, scuba diving, powered paragliding, traveling, reading to grandchildren
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Mike Hayes

Language spoken: English
Location: San Francisco, California
Coaching experience: I have been involved in coaching relationships for 20 years, both coaching church planters and being coached.
Coaching values and approach: A career of 25 years in church planting and church plant supervision has given me a good sense of what questions to ask church planters and parent churches so that they may discover for themselves the goal-focused next steps best suited for their competencies, passions, and ministry contexts.
Other certifications: Church Leader Inventory and Church Leader Spouse Inventory (CLI/CLSI) coaching
Coaching type: Church planter coaching and parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Phone, Skype, Google+ hangout, or other web-based conferencing
DiSC assessment result: DC
Hobbies: Fly fishing, golf, trekking
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Ben Ingebretson

Language spoken: English
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Coaching experience: More than ten church planters. More than ten revitalization pastors. More than ten parent congregation leaders. More than ten years of coaching experience with leaders in the RCA, CRC, and the United Methodist Church.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching, revitalization coaching, parent church coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Any or all offered. Prefer a face-to-face meeting or Google hangout for initial sessions.
DiSC assessment result: ID
Hobbies: Running, biking, sailing, kids and family activities, tennis, travel
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Rodrigo Cano 

Language spoken: English and Spanish
Location: Aurora, Illinois
Coaching experience: I have been coaching church planters for the last three years. I have coached church planters who are at the beginning of the process as well as church planters who are trying to redirect their strategy. My own experience as a church planter as well as my leadership at a multi site church has given me a strategic perspective and a balance between listening to God’s voice and setting systems and processes that will move the mission forward.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Face to face, Zoom, calls
DiSC assessment result: INTP
Hobbies: One of my passions is running. I like to run long distances having completed four marathons and training to do some more.
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Toby Gruppen 

LinkedIn:  Toby Gruppen
Language spoken: English
Location: Holland, Michigan
Coaching experience: I have been involved in the church planting world since 2005 where I have had the opportunity to walk with a few different coaches during this time. Having different coaches allowed me to learned their various styles and tools to assist in the planting and growth phases of starting a new congregation.
My own personal coaching of planters has allowed me to walk alongside pastors planting very different models; all the way from a micro-church concept to a level 3 high capacity launch model.  Besides coaching fellow church planters, I have also had the unique opportunity to coach business leaders. The church I served was located in a manufacturing facility and gave me access to the daily business world.
Ministry experience:
Youth Ministry (14 years) – Developed the Bridge Ministry Center a community youth center in Zeeland, MI
Planted LifeQuest Church (13 years)– unique church plant embedded in a manufacturing facility offering access to a diverse people group of over 15 languages.
Holland Classis Church Multiplication Team Leader (13 years)– created and provide leadership to a collaboration of 4 classis (Holland / Zeeland – RCA/CRC) to help focus on church planting together.
Coaching type: Church planter coaching / Business leader coaching (Business as Mission)
Methods of coaching offered: Face to face (preferred), Zoom, Phone calls
APEST assessment result: Apostolic / Prophetic
Hobbies: Biking, Beaches with family, Finances
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Clarence Presley 

Language spoken: English
Location: Seattle, WA
Coaching experience: I have over 10 years of formal coaching experience through ICF and 2 decades of coaching urban church planters, established churches, non-profits, and school districts.
Coaching values and approach: I approach coaching from a relational style model where each relationship is unique and special in how I navigate. Listening, discerning, and asking meaningful questions relevant to my client’s journey is of upmost importance along with prayer in helping them gain greater clarity. I value the power of story and firmly believe that each of my client’s story’s help inform them about their calling as they learn to locate and identify God’s story intertwined with their own.
Coaching type: Relational Coaching, Apostolic / Prophetic Leadership Style, Urban / Inner-City, Multi-Ethnic / Multi-Generational, Church Plants, Established Churches, Missional Networks, Missional Leaders, and BAM’s (Business as Mission) in urban centers are my primary focus groups.
Methods of coaching offered: Preferred method is virtual (Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, etc…) Phone Call, or Face to Face when possible.
Assessment results: APEST (AP / Apostolic Prophetic: equally my highest); DISC: High (ID: Influencer / Director)
Hobbies: Fishing, Barbecue, watching movies
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee.

Martin Mora

Language spoken: English and Spanish
Location: Tulare CA (Far West Synod)
Coaching experience: I am a certified coach with 14 years of experience. I am also in a coaching relationship myself as a coachee. Over the years, I have coached church planters, parent churches and other leaders in English and Spanish. I have also coached church planters overseas. My approach to coaching is relational. I believe coaching is an intentional conversation designed to equip and resource the coachee. Asking intentional and powerful questions unleashes creative potential in the coachee.
Methods of coaching offered:
Face-to-face; phone; Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google+ hangout, etc. I am also available by text message to support my coachees in between sessions.
DiSC assessment results: IS
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, racketball, tennis table, listening to music and attending concerts
Cost for coaching:  To be determined between coach and coachee

Rachel Reinink

Language(s) spoken: English
Location: Cadillac, MI
Coaching experience: I have been coached for the past 7 years by a church planting coach as well as a life coach. Coaching has become an essential part of my journey. I have been a certified 3DM coach since 2018, a faith conversation coach for a non-profit in Grand Rapids, MI for two years, and most recently, became a certified church planting coach. I have coached many teams and groups since 2016 and it is my passion to help people discern where God is leading them next.
Coaching type: Church planting, Fresh Expressions Coaching, and rural plant coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Zoom, FaceTime, or in person.
APEST assessment results: Prophet, Pastor, Apostle, Teacher, Evangelist
Meyers-Briggs: INTJ
Hobbies: I spend a lot of time reading, going for walks, riding bike, and water color painting!
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Chris Hall

Language(s) spoken: English; Canadian English
Location: Wyoming, MI
Coaching experience: Through ministry and experience as a nonprofit leader, I’ve worked with churches of every size and context. As an urban church planter and leader of a regional church planting network, I’ve been coached by the best and have also experienced less-than-stellar coaching along the way. My goal as coach is to use my experiences to help you unleash your creativity and problem solving through practical, goal-focused next steps.
Other certifications: PREPARE/ENRICH
Coaching type: Church planter coaching; Nonprofit coaching
Methods of coaching offered: Telephone; Video (Google); In-person
DiSC assessment results: ENTP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving); Enneagram 3
Hobbies: Camping, WMU football, reading, green building, community development, ice cream
Cost for coaching: Negotiable

Philip Rose

Language(s) spoken:  English
Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Coaching experience: Coaching has been a life-saver in my ministry. I have experienced the benefits of receiving outstanding ministry coaching for over 10 years, and I have experienced the blessing of coaching others as well. I recently became “officially” certified as an RCA church planting coach, though that role had begun to find me long before I went looking for it. I have worked with church planters and young leaders as a mentor/coach for the past seven years, first as Moderator of the Student Care Commission in the Classis of Wisconsin (2014-2017) and currently as Leader of the Mission Multiplication Team in the Southwest Michigan Classis (2020-2021). I am currently part of a regional group of church multiplication catalysts (CMCs) in the Great Lakes Region, and have participated in two RCA learning communities: “Local Missional Engagement” and “Locally Grown” which seeks to identify and equip emerging leaders and church planters.
Coaching type: Church Planting, Fresh Expressions, Local Missional Engagement
Methods of coaching offered: Zoom or in person coaching
APEST assessment results: Apostolic-Shepherd
DiSC assessment results: IS-23 (Inspire / Collaborator)
StrengthsFinder results: Strategic, Activator, Command, Self-Assurance, Ideation
Hobbies:  I love traveling, hiking, golf, watersports, music, watching Cubs baseball, and just about any good restaurant!
Cost for coaching:  To be determined

Rev. Sarah Lindstrom

Language(s) spoken:  English
Location: Hamilton, Michigan
Coaching experience: I pursued becoming certified as a RCA church planting coach because I love the messy beauty that is church planting. In addition to being the planter of Rectify Church, I am the lead chaplain with Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry at the Allegan County Corrections Center. I love walking alongside the incarcerated and those in recovery. I have a relational coaching style and believe that prayer should be at the center of all the things we participate in.
Coaching type: Church Planter Coaching
Methods of coaching offered: phone, Zoom or face to face
Hobbies: Camping, family and spoiling my dogs
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee

Rev Dr. Fredy Aviles

Language(s) spoken:  English and Spanish
Location: West Palm Beach,Florida
Coaching experience: Current: Professional Coach with 1536 Coaching LLC.
37 years of experience planting churches in United States and Central America. Training and Developing
new leaders thru Leadership Developing University International. Training church local leaders in
multiplication thru Simple church methods and Small group vision. Developing and Training materials for
pastors and ministers in Entrénate Institute.
Executive director of Leadership and Development for the Classis de las Naciones in Florida RCA.
Coaching type: Church Planter, Multiplication and Leadership Coach.
Methods of coaching offered: One on One and or ZOOM Meeting.
DiSC assessment results: ENFJ-A
Hobbies:  Basketball, fly my drone, read
Cost for coaching:  To be determined between coach and client

Rev. Fredy Gutierrez

Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Location (city/state): Sarasota, FL.
Coaching experience: Current: Professional Coach with 1536 Coaching LLC.
30 years of  experience planting churches in the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, and Co Planting in other countries in Central and South America.
Training, Developing and activating new leaders through personal and theological experience.
Training local church leaders in multiplication thru Simple church methods and Small group vision.
Founder of Academia de Formacion VDR (Formation Academy). Developing training materials in writing and video in four stages for churches and pastors wanting to implement a discipleship curriculum.
Executive director of Church Multiplication for the Classis de las Naciones in Florida RCA.
Member of the NCP’s review team RCA Church Multiplication.
President of the RCA Council for Hispanic Ministries.
Coaching values and approach: Respect, integrity and a wide cosmovision of every case is a must to achieve a positive result. I always approach clients with unconditional positive regards and keeping track of progress and discussions.
Coaching type: Church Planter, First Time Church Planter, Multiplication and Leadership Coach.
Methods of coaching offered: One on One or group. Face to face and or ZOOM Meeting.
Meyers-Briggs result: ENFJ-A
Hobbies: Soccer, Golf, Travel
Cost for coaching: To be determined between coach and coachee.

Randy Weener

Language spoken: English
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Coaching philosophy & experience: As a coach, I strive to be attentive with the Holy Spirit to the unique call of every church planter and the culture of every plant. I come alongside pioneer leaders to help them maximize their partnerships in order to multiply disciples, leaders and ministries. The past 2 decades have been devoted to church planting as a planter, regional leader, coach, denominational church multiplication director, and D.Min. and school of hard knocks student. I have worked with multiple cultures and models and with many sending churches and organizations. Rounding out my career, I have past experience in youth ministry, music and church revitalization. My wife and I have been blessed with 3 married children and 5 grandchildren.
Credentials: Church Planter Coaching Certificate (Fuller Seminary); Doctor of Ministry in church planting (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Clients: Planters, movement & network leaders, sending church pastors, leadership teams; simple to multi-site, urban to rural, co-vocational to full-time
Specialties: planting strategy, leadership & team formation, multiplication, missional engagement, partnership developmentMethods of coaching offered: video conference, face to face, phone
Assessment results: Taylor-Johnson ITNJ; DiSC SC; APEST APE
Hobbies: bicycling, motorcycling, kayaking, woodturning, music making, reading, gardening and traveling
Cost for coaching: Free initial consult; 5 and 10 session bundles