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General Synod’s First Look at Vision 2020

“God gives us the capacity to make hard decisions wisely.”

—Jim Herrington, preparing delegates for discussions about the Vision 2020 Team report

The Vision 2020 Team, tasked with exploring options for the future of the RCA, made its first appearance before the General Synod. The team kept things lively in a Friday morning session devoted to introducing their work. Delegates engaged in exercises that included taking turns complaining to each other about anything they wanted (yes, really) and raising their fists in the air while shaking hands (no, not in protest—here’s a video that shows what they were actually doing).



What’s next for Vision 2020

The Vision 2020 Team’s Friday presentation prepared delegates for three feedback sessions during synod this year, each looking at a different scenario for the future of the RCA. The discussions delegates have during these sessions will inform what the Vision 2020 Team recommends at General Synod 2020. The Vision 2020 Team will share a summary of what delegates’ feedback on Sunday evening.

Read the full recap of the first Vision 2020 session.

Also on Friday:

General Synod president James Nakakihara delivered his report to the General Synod.

The RCA’s coordinator for prayer mobilization Jim Harrison led a session about listening prayer. Here’s how he says listening prayer can help you hear God more clearly.

General Synod heard reports from the Commision on Christian Unity and the Commission on Christian Worship.

Synod celebrated the work of RCA chaplains. Watch a video featuring the chaplains below.



Friday, June 7, photo slideshow

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