RCA will switch to income-based funding method

After much discussion, synod delegates approved an income-based funding method for denominational assessments. Churches will soon contribute a percentage of their income to support denominational ministries and operations, rather than a per-member assessment. (The decision needs to be ratified at next year’s synod.) With assessments, the RCA is able to equip congregations for ministry and to care for the pastors who serve them.

The percentage discussed—2.7 percent—would raise the same amount of money currently raised by per-member assessments.

Delegates also set the 2020 per-member assessment at $54.22, the same per-member amount that was collected in 2019.

Curious about how an income-based method will affect your church? Download this calculator. Read an FAQ with all the details about covenant shares.

Also on Saturday:

Delegates finished discussing the three scenarios presented by the Vision 2020 Team. Their feedback will inform the team as it continues its work over the coming year.

Felix Theonugraha was welcomed as the next president of Western Theological Seminary. Delegates also honored retiring president Tim Brown and retiring professor Tom Boogaart.

After debating the term “catechism,” the synod declined to receive the Great Lakes Catechism on Marriage and Sexuality as a catechism.

Delegates also celebrated God’s work through Transformed & Transforming in an evening event. One of the stories shared was that of the youth group of The Bridge Church in Portage, Michigan, which had partnered with Volunteer Engagement, Next Generation Engagement, and Global Mission. These students participated in the first RCA mission trip to Cuba after the diplomatic relations with the U.S. were restored. “As young adults, we are the church now, not just the church of the future!” said Emily Mergener, one of three students who spoke. The group intends to return to Cuba several times over the next few years to continue training young leaders and empowering them “to take ownership of their faith and their churches,” said Abby Powers.

Photo highlights from the Transformed & Transforming event

Saturday, June 8, photo slideshow

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