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On Monday, June 10, synod voted to create an RCA media channel and prepare a study on postmodernism. President James Nakakihara had brought the proposals before synod in his report on Friday.

The RCA media channel will be hosted on social media sites, such as YouTube and Facebook. The purpose of the channel is “to make content created by RCA entities publicly available for the advancement of the cause of Christ,” reads the recommendation.

In his report, Nakakihara expressed excitement for the content that individuals and churches will create for this channel. This channel could lead to the establishment of virtual churches, he said, as a way to bring church to people, especially those who are not able to attend Sunday morning worship services.

“The possibilities for this channel are endless, and it is a way for young and old to move the kingdom forward,” he said. “This has the potential to lead us into a new and exciting chapter in the history of the church.”

Nakakihara will lead a team of volunteers to drive and maintain this project, at no cost to the denomination.

Prior to the vote, the Advisory Committee on Overtures and New Business recommended that General Synod 2019 adopt this proposal, believing that this channel will “highlight unique gifts and passions within the denomination,” said moderator Arika Theule-VanDam. Further, she said, it will be a way to reach those outside the RCA and Reformed communities, providing a “window to who we are,” and, more importantly, a way to reach people who do not yet know Christ.

General Synod 2019 approved the proposal, as well as Nakakihara’s second proposal⁠—for the Commission on Theology, Commission on History, and the professorate to “prepare or recommend a study on postmodernism and its history, beliefs, and relationship to Christianity as a resource for churches to understand the world we live in and to help devise ways to reach people for Christ who are living under this prevailing philosophy.” This report will be presented to General Synod 2021.

Read the proposals and reasons in the president’s report.