Discover a wide range of resources and services to support effective leadership.

Inside-Out Leadership Cohort​

Are you too busy to enjoy life?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all the demands on your time?   

Chaplains: Specialized Ministry in a Global Setting

A large number of RCA ministers serve outside of traditional congregations. They are endorsed by the RCA to the specialized ministry of chaplain, and their ministry takes place in hospitals, mental health institutions, nursing homes, prisons, and the armed forces.

Church Treasurers and Administrators

This area offers information and resources to treasurers and administrators as they support their churches in mission and ministry for Christ.

Commissioned Pastors

More on the role of commissioned pastors in the RCA.

Finance Services

Financial information for churches.

Purposeful Living

Purposeful Living is a personal renewal process designed to allow you to discern God's leading in your life and help you hear who the Holy Spirit is calling you to be. 

Churches Learning Change

Churches Learning Change is an intensive, two-year process that includes leadership development for pastors and a team of six lay leaders from each church that has engaged the process.

Sabbaticals for Pastors

Resources on a sabbatical for the pastor.

Find a Coach

I'm an RCA minister looking for a coach.

RCA Leadership Collaboratives

Leadership does not happen in isolation. It involves followers. Jesus himself had 12 disciples, as well as crowds of 4,000 and 5,000 who were part of his ministry on earth.