Information and resources about various leadership roles in the church, including elders, deacons, and commissioned pastors.

This liturgy can be used in a service focused on healing, especially healing following sexual assualt or abuse

 Acknowledge and speak against sexual assault and abuse in your worship in a way that supports the healing of those who have experienced it. 

Many churches shy away from speaking about sexual assault and abuse in worship. We are afraid of

Resources to help your church develop safe church policies and processes. 


How could your church’s ministry be enhanced if your elders and deacons were trained to be active

서 문 / 서 론 (Preface/Introduction):

Reflect on the church's role in caring for the stranger using these excerpts from our creeds and confessions.

God of the exiles,

This three-part video series explores what it means for Reformed Christians to read and interpret the Bible as Scripture, as the Word of God. A small-group discussion guide is also available.