Liturgies approved or commended by the General Synod for use in RCA congregations.

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Several resources for observing World Hunger Sunday.

World Communion Sunday, held annually on the first Sunday of October, is a celebration of the unity of the worldwide church through Christ. Christians in congregations around the world participate in the Lord's Supper.

(Source unknown; inspired by a traditional Native American blessing.)

Among Chinese festivals, the New Year Festival is the most widely known and celebrated. What themes from this festival can serve as a focus for celebration and learning in the Christian home?

Generous God, for the abundance of your blessings to us
day by day and year by year,

Guidelines for submitting updated information to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Some frequently asked questions about the role of elder.

This litany can be used as a prayer in which all can participate, as a means for recognizing and affirming those in the congregation who live with disabilities, or as a closing commitment to a moment for mission on ministering with and to persons with disabilities.

In the small colonial town of New Amsterdam, on a Sunday in 1628, about fifty pe