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General Synod 2024 offering

Offerings will be taken at three General Synod worship services:

  • Opening worship on Thursday, June 13
  • Sunday morning worship on June 16
  • Closing worship on Tuesday, June 18

Synod participants and guests can also give online at any time. General Synod president Judy Nelson has chosen the following two designations for the 2024 General Synod offerings. All offerings received will be split evenly between the two designations.

RCA Chaplains’ Conference Fund

A chaplain is a minister of Word and sacrament called by God and ordained by a classis to minister outside the walls of the church. Chaplains extend compassionate care for everyone within their institution regardless of religious preferences; they almost always work in the context of a multifaith team. Other responsibilities include providing worship and ministry leadership, assisting other religious groups by coordinating or contracting for their needs, and advising institutional leadership on moral and ethical issues.

Every year, RCA chaplains have the opportunity to gather in person with one another to share fellowship and receive support and encouragement in their work. Your support for the Chaplains Conference Fund will enhance the annual conference offered for RCA chaplains, provide scholarships, and help offset expenses.

Koffiekamer – Christiaan and Cecilia van Dijk 

In the city of Apeldoorn, a spark of hope is igniting amidst the post-Christian landscape of the Netherlands. As young people begin to express an openness to the gospel message, church planters and RCA Global Mission partners Christiaan and Cecilia van Dijk are ready to welcome them warmly at their Koffiekamer (coffee room) ministry. The Koffiekamer is a gathering place where neighbors can connect over a warm cup of coffee or tea, fostering relationships and creating windows of opportunity for spiritual engagement. 

Since its opening, the Koffiekamer has breathed new life into the community, bringing neighbors together in ways never seen before. Your support will sustain this ministry, helping Christian and Cecilia keep its doors open and provide opportunities for seeds of faith to sprout through warm hospitality, caring conversation, and the joy of community.

If you’d prefer to donate via text:
Text GS2024 to 1-616-213-0233


Your financial support will help the RCA Chaplains’ Conference Fund and the Koffiekamer ministry

Donating from Canada?