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Author Index: 2003-2011

-- A --

Adams, Charles C.
Sensitive Soldiers (April 2003)

Allbaugh, Thomas
On Those Always With Us (November 2007)

Alphs, Larry
On Leaving Ann Arbor: A Farmer's Reflection (November 2007)

Anderson Love, Gregory
City Church San Francisco, San Francisco, California (April 2010)

Andres, Michael
The Filled Hungry and Empty Rich (December 2008)
Atonement Conversation...Continued (April 2009)

Anker, Roy M.
For Mary's Sake (May 2003)
Rachel's Children (January 2004)
Sightings (April 2004)
Beyond the Bridge: Life and Grace in It's a Wonderful Life (December 2004)
Wilderness Exile: Last Year at the Movies (February 2006)
Dies Irae (March 2007)
Preachers and the Humble Thing: Part I (May 2009)
Preachers and the Humble Thing: Part II (June/July 2009)
Vile Things (October 2010)
Eden's Other Tree (November 2011)

Apol, Rosemary
The Darling (February 2005)

Atkins, Priscilla
The Center and Drama of Snow (February 2006)
"Cry" and "Oh, Bird of Prey" (November 2011)

-- B --

Backous, Allison
A Theological Education (October 2009)

Baker, Trina
"Redemption" (March 2007)

Banner, Joshua
What Language Shall I Borrow? (June/July 2010)

Barker, Jeff
The Other Driver: A True Story (October 2004)

Barton, Amanda J.
On Meeting Birth Mom: Beginning of a Reconciliation (August/September 2005)

Barton, Jim
"Faith of My Father" (June/July 2005)

Batterink, Len
Giving Up Hockey for Lent (March 2005)

Beach, E. Louise
"Spring," "Swallows for Toots," and "Country Church" (April 2005)

Beach-Verhey, Timothy A.
Hearing God's Call in an Ambiguous Age (April 2006)
Faith and Democratic Discourse: Beyond the Liberal-Traditionalist (November 2006)

Bechtel, Carol
Can We Talk?--An Invitation to the Reformed and Missional Dialogue (October 2008)

Bell, John L.
The Best of the West (August/September 2008)

Bendroth, Margaret
The Body: Soul of American Evangelicalism? (March 2007)

Bendroth, Norman
Deep Waters (January 2004)

Bennett, J. E.
"Sedges" and "Old Bones" (April 2004)

Beranger, Jean-Pierre
"The Old Homeless Man" (April 2009)

Bierma, Nathan
Are We Just Our Stories? (April 2006)
Worshipful Service (June/July 2006)

Billings, J. Todd
The Promise of Catholic Calvinism (April 2006)
Signs and Wonders for the Reformed (November 2008)
The Promise of Baptism (December 2008)
Being Missional in the Reformed Tradition (May 2009)
The Problem with TULIP, or More than TULIPs in this Field (March 2011)

Boer, Warren
Called To Be Peacemakers (March 2007)

Boerman, Daniel
Money, Health, and Immortality (October 2006)

Bolt, John
A Kuyperian Reflects on Father Abraham and the 'Religious Right' (June/July 2008)

Boogaart, Thomas A.
The Empires of Cheney, Caesar, and Christ (December 2004)
Ascension, Adoption, Homecoming (April 2007)

Boonstra, Harry
Understanding Providence (March 2010)

Borger, Byron
Can Jesus Get His Religion Back? (June/July 2008)

Borich, Michael
From "Immanuel" (November 2005)

Boss, Gayle
"Birdhouse" and "Leashed" (February 2007)

Botman, H. Russel
The Confession of Belhar and Our Common Future (May 2008)

Bouma-Prediger, Steven
Sittler's Sermons (March 2005)
Humility's Inconvenient Truths (November 2006)
Mystery (January 2007)
Eat This Book (November 2007)
There's No Place Like Home (April 2008) with Brian Walsh
Aching Visionaries (February 2011)

Bourdon, Shelley
In the Light of the Moon (June/July 2011)

Brace, Nicole
Mattress Pressing (June/July 2010)

Bratt, James D.
Edwards Unbound (October 2003)
The Sound of Silence (March 2004)
Transition and Tradition (August/September 2004)
Holidays (November 2005)
Tribute to David Timmer (January 2006)
Warriors and Public Servants (May 2006)
The Coming of the Lord? (December 2006)
The Prism of Calvin's Political Legacy in the United States (June/July 2009)

Bratt, Jessica
Incarnation: the "amazing act of gracious condescension" (May 2009)

Bratt, Peter
The Dominion of War (November 2005)
The Ted Haggard of His Day (March 2007)

Bratt, Wallace
Renewal (May 2005)

Brinks, Herbert
The Icon (February 2003)
The Plain Truth (April 2004)
Speed (February 2006)
Mixed Marriages (December 2006)

Brouwer, Douglas
Some Thoughts on Leadership (November 2003)
Welcome to Ann Arbor! (November 2004)
Who Will Take Our Place? (October 2005)
Leaving Church (December 2006)
Can These Bones Live? (May 2007)
Worship Words (December 2009)
Sarah's Ordination Sermon: The Cloud and the Glory (January 2011)

Brown, George Jr.
Church Renewal--A Different Voice (January 2005)

Brown, Jon
The Doorway (August/September 2010)

Brown, Timothy
A Share in Christ (December 2011)

Brown Hardeman, Elizabeth Ann
The Table (October 2009)

Brownson, James
Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ: A Theological Critique (April 2004)
The Akedah in Roseland (August/September 2003)

Brue, Ethan
Sport and War in a Television Culture (June/July 2003)
Base Running as Obedient Art (August/September 2003)

Bruner, Michael
Why A Christmas Carol Sings (December 2004)
The Real Jesus (October 2006)

Burgess, John P.
Affectionate Worship (June/July 2008)

Burns, Rick
Discord and Harmony on the Coast of Maine (October 2008)

Bush, Peter
Stipend: A Theological Challenge to the Marketplace (November 2005)
Of Manses and Housing Allowances (August/September 2009)

-- C --

Calvin, John
Christ's Healing Wings (December 2006)
Adoption, Death, Victory (February 2009)
The Mystery of Godliness (June/July 2009)

Carattini, Jill
The Good, the True, and the Beautiful (October 2009)

Carpenter, Joel
Give We Sense (October 2007)

Carr, Daina
Diptych: John 4 (April 2006)

Carter, Jimmy
Twenty Years Ago in the Reformed Journal (August/September 2006)

Childress, Susanna
"Argument at the Greasy Spoon" (January 2008)
BETHLEHEM, INDIANA (December 2010)
Rhythm, Reverence, and Aspens Dear (November 2011)

Coakley, John
The Reformed Church of Highland Park, New Jersey (December 2009)

Colgin, Paul David
"The Good Elm" and "Counsel" (March 2009)

Cook, Anna J.
What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Writer? (January 2007)

Cook, Carol
Taking the Long View: An Interview with Freda Gardner: Part II (April 2003)
Making a Home for the Heart (January 2004)
Liberals in Search of a Bigger Theology (January 2008)
The Fragrance of Faith (June/July 2010)

Cosby, Brian H.
Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just (February 2011)

Crooker, Barbara
"Ephemra" and "Peony" (June/July 2004)
"Seasons" (August/September 2007)
"Prayer in Autumn," "From the Middle Kingdom: Tu Wi's Contemplates Buttercups," "Tu Wi’s Picks a Dandelion and Thinks about the Impermanence of Things" (August/September 2008)

Cronkite, Donald
Mouse Under Box in Kitchen (April 2004)
Instruments (December 2004)
New Songs: Two Stories of Ministry (February 2005)
Looking Backwards (August/September 2005)

Cronkite, Jane
Jelly Doughnut (April 2003)

Crooker, Barbara
"Ode to Olive Oil" and "Gratitude" (May 2005)

Crump, David
What Kind of Harley-Davidson Would Jesus Ride? (October 2003)
Learning to Pray for the Kingdom with Stanley Grenz (January 2006)

Curry, Janel
Truth Claims and the Ministry of the Contemporary Church (August/September 2006)

-- D --

Daane, James
Loss of Mystery (October 2005)
Christ Set at Nought (February 2008)

Dahl, Robert E.
Of Sheep, Goats, WWJD, and Jimmy Carter (February 2003)
Cause and Effect (April 2011)

Davis, Stephen T.
Are Mormons Christians? (January 2003)
The Meaning of the Ascension for Christian Scholars (April 2007)

Dawson, Gerrit Scott
Investing Against All Odds (April 2007)

Dawson Scanzoni, Letha
Changing Sexual Orientation? A Look at the Data (April 2005) with David G. Myers

DeJonge-Benishek, Mary E.
Waiting for Jack Bauer (March 2006)
Peace, Poverty, Shopping, and AIDS (December 2006)
Tolerance Has Got to Go (May 2007)

DeGroat, Chuck
Black Bag Theology (December 2011)

de Groot, Christiana
Was Rosa Parks Proud? (October 2006)
Those Preaching Women (October 2009)

De Jong, Allison
God's Breakfast Cereal (January 2008)

Dekens, Kathlyn
My Family: A Mosaic (February 2007)

Denny, David
Fool in the Attic (May 2007)

Detweiler, Craig
Better Together (August/September 2011)

deVries, Bert
The Guns of August 2007 (October 2007)
The New Mercenaries (December 2007)
Seeing the Ruin of Gaza from the Ruins of Umm el-Jimal (February 2009)

DeWild, Kris
"Solace: Bittersweet" (October 2006)

De Young, Kevin
Why Not Belhar? (Janaury 2010)
Clean! Clean! (August/September 2011)

Diephouse, Evelyn
A Warranty for Life? (December 2003)
Slaves at the Table (October 2006)
Don't Delude Me (November 2009)

Diephouse, David J.
Seeing in the Dark (March 2005)

Dixon, Ben
How I Encountered Calvinism in Africa (November 2010)

Donne, John
Death's Duel (February 2010)

Dorn, Christopher
The Ecumenical Movement and its Critics: A Reply to Jordan J. Ballor (April 2011)

Dorr, Lawrence
Pushkin (December 2003)
Verity Unseen (February 2005)
Just a Swimmer (August/September 2006)
Plaintive Notes (August/September 2008)
An Eagle's Cry (December 2011)

DuMez, Kristin
The Legislation That Made the Greatest Generation (December 2007)

-- E --

Emerson, Ralph Waldo
A Winter Poem (January 2003)

Engbers, Chad
A Hollow Sweater (March 2007)

Enns, Peter
Still in the Weeds on Human Origins (December 2011)

Evenhouse, Neva
My Daddy (June/July 2003)

-- F --

Faber, Ryan
Hear, O Israel! (November 2010)

Fackre, Gabriel
Anguish and the Almighty: Theodicy 2007 (June/July 2007)
The Sobriety of Hope (June/July 2010)

Fee Nordling, Cherith
Embodied, Human, Sexual: The Only Way to Be Christian (November 2007)

Feenstra, Ronald J.
The Belhar Confession for North America (May 2008)

Felch, Susan
The Luminous I (April 2011)

Fiet, Thom
Two Funerals (May 2004)
Grandpa's Prisons (January 2005)
Prostrate Cancer (June/July 2004)
Preaching Tips (February 2008)
Witchelder (October 2008)
Full House (August/September 2009)

Fike, Francis
A New Hymn for Christ the King (October 2004) with John Hoyer
Fiction and Faith in Ten Contemporary Writers (March 2009)
"Dunetracks" and "Hymn to the Holy Spirit" (June/July 2009)
Following Tracks in the Dark (August/September 2010)

Fisher, A.C.
"Mary Magdalene" (April 2007)

Foster, Brett
Seven Haiku, for a Fiancé (April 2011)

Fox, Quinn
Liturgy and Starbucks (February 2003)

Freeberg, Debra L.
The House on Larson Drive (February 2004)
Free to Hate: An American Church Rejoices in Swedish Tsunami Victims (April 2005)

Fries, Paul
Lover's Quarrels and Concord: A Farewell Address (November 2006)

-- G --

Glassford, Darwin K.
Reconnecting Young People with the Disconnected Church (August/September 2007)

Goi, Simona
Christian Politics: Between or Beyond Red and Blue? (June/July 2005)

Goudswaard, Alissa M.
Everything That Rises (December 2011)

Graham, Ruth
Redeemer Presbyterian Church (October 2009)

Granberg-Michaelson, Karin
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott: We are Who We are by the Grace of God (August/September 2003)

Granberg-Michaelson, Karis
"Casualties" and "Pantoum for the Hovering Heart" (June/July 2008)

Gray, Marjorie
"Psalm 68" (May 2009)

Green, Charles W.
An Age of Diversity (December 2010)

Green, Jay D.
New City Fellowship, Chattanooga, Tennessee (June/July 2010)

Green, Jules
"Bird" and "To the Stranger of the Lost Address" (November 2007)

Grey, John
"First Catch" and "My History of Unknowing" (June/July 2003)
"Morning on Lake Wenekawa" (November 2004)

Griffith, Karl
Balaam's Donkey: Stubbornness as a Path to Repentance (November 2006)

Griswold, Daniel M.
Beyond the Hype: The Internet and the Church (January 2003)

Grundy, Jeff
"Table" and "Black Water Snake, Cool Morning" (November 2008)
"And They Kept Silence and Told No One" (January 2009)

-- H --

Hadidian, Crystal
Seconds (December 2009)

Hamon-Porter, Brigitte
Can Social Policy Foster Christian Morality? (April 2005) with Brian Porter

Hardeman, Michael
The Stench of Death and the Promise of Life (March 2006)

Harkema, Leslie
A Prairie Pentecost (February 2006)

Harlow, Daniel C.
How Has Mel Offended? In Praise of The Passion of the Christ (April 2004)

Harper, George G.
John J. Timmerman (1908-2004) (March 2004)

Harrity, Dave
Tsadhe (March 2011)
Lamedh (June/July 2011)

Hart, Hendrik
Spiritual Maturity, Biblical Authority, and Life in Christ (November 2005)

Heideman, Eugene
Steffens, Erastus, and Belhar (May 2008)
The Absence of Christ (May 2011)

Henshell, Pamela J.
God Takes Ugly and Makes Beautiful (January 2003)

Herbert, George
"Lent" (March 2004)

Hermann, Kenneth
Slopping the Hogs in a Technological Society (October 2006)

Hesselink, I. John
Prayer and Pastoral Care (June/July 2007)
Calvin at 500--The Literary Beginning of a Quincentennial Celebration (June/July 2009)
Marilynne Robbinson: Distinctive Calvinist (January 2011)
Marilynne Robinson: Calvinian (March 2011)

Hibma, Jim
The Burden of Empathy (August/September 2009)

Higgins, Sorina
"Real" (October 2006)

Hoekema, David A.
Keeping the Faith in the Christian College, Past and Present (January 2003)
"Just War on Terror" Revisited (December 2006)
Truth, Reconciliation, and Human Rights: A Reflection on South Africa's Transition to Multiracial Democracy (March 2009)

Hoezee, Scott
Where's the Outrage? (January 2003)
A Marriage Made in Heaven (June/July 2003)
My God and I: A Spiritual Memoir (August/September 2003)
Difficult Times (January 2004)
Can We Talk? (May 2004)
Ordinary Time (June/July 2004)
A Lord's Day, Unraveled (November 2004)
The Christian Essence (December 2004)
Heartfelt Thanks (February 2005)
Easter on the Move (March 2005)
Stop It (May 2005)
A World of Beautiful Souls: An Interview with Marilynne Robinson (May 2005)
After a Dry Summer (October 2005)
Changing the Channel (April 2006)
Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation (August/September 2004)
Farewell, Fran (January 2006)
Established (August/September 2006)
Algebra (October 2006)
Beyond Shouting: Religion and Science in Conversation (January 2007)
One Man (February 2007)
How We See Things--Psalm 47 (April 2007)
Returning (December 2007)
The Guest Pastor (February 2008)
The Shattering Word (April 2008)
Crying for Strangers (August/September 2008)
The Desert (December 2008)
Signs of the Times? (March 2009)
Calvin's Enduring Sense (June/July 2009)
What the Shepherds Said (December 2009)
No Health? (March 2010)
Tribute to Jim Bratt (December 2010)
Thus Saith Google (December 2010)
Beyond Funny (January 2011)
Blessing (March 2011)

Hoksbergen, Roland
Economics for the Poor (March 2008)>

Holberg, Jennifer L.
"And Also With You": Finding the Way to Liturgy (October 2003)
Becoming a Burden (April 2004)
For JRB (August/September 2005)
In Defense of Extravagance (November 2009)
Story-Shaped Lives (August/September 2010)
Scenes of Miracle (August/September 2011)

Hoogheem, Andrew
Personal Jesus (October 2003)

Hoolsema, Daniel J.
A Measure of Devotion (August/September 2004)

Hostetler, Ann
"Vespers" and "Moving the Piano" (May 2006)

Howard, Douglas
Understanding Muslim Spirituality (May 2011)

Hoyer, John
A New Hymn for Christ the King (October 2004) with Francis Fike

Hubbard, Robert J.
Performing a Christian Icon: Tom Key's C. S. Lewis on Stage (May 2004)
The Exonerated: A Docudrama (June/July 2004)
Transitions at the Guthrie: A Review of Hamlet (May 2006)
Shakespeare 2008: Wars Without and Within (November 2008)
Having Faith on the Great White Way (December 2009)

Hubers, John
Christian Zionism and Ecumenical Relations (August/September 2004)

Hulst, Mary
Faithful Doubters (February 2004)
Romantics, Cynics, and Shalom at the Movies (December 2005)
(Re)telling the Old, Old Story (February 2006)
For All the Saints (November 2007)
Spring Training for Pentecost (May 2009)
Ashes to Joy (March 2010)
Killer (November 2011)

Husbands, Mark
Is All Worship the Religion of Cain? (August/September 2009)

-- I --

Ibru, Edirin
The Weird World of Christian Sci-Fi (August/September 2007)

Ippel, Miriam
Theology and Women in the In-Between (February 2007) by
Gaming Meets God (August/September 2007) with Greg Town

-- J --

Jacobsen, Eric O.
Reformed and Always Raining: Confessions of a Calvinist in the Northwest (June/July 2010)

James, Thomas A.
Economy of Judgment (October 2011)

Janssen, Allan
Oh, For a Thousand Tongues (February 2006)
Minister as Story-Teller (December 2007)
Joyful Theology (December 2009)
The Future is Now (April 2010)
One Living Body (January 2011)
Dynamic Confession (August/September 2011)

Janssen, Paul
Extra Ecclesiam, Salus (April 2009)
But We See Jesus... (January 2010)

Janzen, Jean
"Green" and "Ocean in August" (June/July 2006)

Janzen, Rhoda
"The Aunts by Firelight" (August/September 2003)
Nocturne (December 2004)
The Last Cancer Poem I'll Ever Write (October 2009)

Japinga, Lynn
Atonement Conversation...Continued (April 2009)

Jellema, Rod
Letter to Lew Smedes about God's Presence (February 2003)
"1978" and "Frisian Psalms, 1930s" (August/September 2004)

Jenista, Margaret
In Defense of Grey's Anatomy (January 2007)
Going it Alone (February 2008)

Jervis, L. Ann
Suffering With Christ (March 2007)

Johnson, Kristine
Officemates (January 2005)

Johnson, Fred
An American Revolution (January 2009)

Johnson, Trygve David
On Keeping Vocational Fidelity: The Secret of Ebey's Landing (January 2009)
Turning the Page: An Interview with Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (May 2011)

Jonker, Peter
From Preservation to Passion (December 2003)

-- K --

Kana, Johnathan
Time: A Non-Renewable Resource (December 2010)

Kansfield, Norm
Messy Ministry in Real Life (May 2003)

Karnehm, Katie
23:05 Villanelle, Durham Station (November 2010)
Tulips and Landess Street (May 2011)

Karsen, Wendell P.
Same-Sex Marriage: A Rejoinder (March 2005)
Changing Sexual Orientation: A Rejoinder (August/September 2005)

Katerberg, William H.
Retrieving Hope (March 2005) with Miroslav Volf
Rendering Unto God and Unto Caesar (May 2005)

Keepers, Dustyn Elizabeth
Eating as a Spiritual Discipline (October 2009)

Kenney, Terrence
Making the Pitch (June/July 2010)

Kerbaugh, Jim
"Anointings" (May 2004)

Kingdom Grier, Denise
The Public Presence of the Missional Church: Transient, Transparent, and Transformational (October 2008)

Kinsinger, Mitchell
Bruce, Belhar, and the Bible (May 2008)
New Monastics in Politics (January 2010)

Kleven, Terry
Atonement Conversation...Continued (April 2009)

Klingenberg, Mitchell
Dreaming Heroic Dreams: James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and the Rise of Ronald Reagan (June/July 2011)

Knutson, Abigail
As The Knife Opens Cecilia, I Fail to Write a Sonnet (Janaury 2011)

Kolenbrander, Norman
Opening the Door (February 2007)
Take a Poet to Lunch (August/September 2010)
Be All That You Can Be (August/September 2011)

Kolin, Philip C.
"A Chicago Nativity" (December 2006)

Konyndyk De Young, Rebecca
Cultivating Christlike Virtue in the Between Time (June/July 2011)

Koopman, Douglas L.
I Wish Him Well (January 2009)
Choosing Hope (November 2010)

Kooyman, Kate
A Little "Already" in My "Not Yet" (January 2009)
Extreme Hardship? (October 2009)

Krebs, Maria
The Way to Pray: A Triolet (October 2011)

Kuiper, Eric
Popcorn + Prophets (October 2011)

Kuyper, Abraham
Love and the Comforter (August/September 2004)

-- L --

LaGrand, James
Thinking Properly (May 2003)

Landrum, David
"Burial, Child and Mother, 1647" (June/July 2007)

Latini, Theresa F.
Nonviolent Communication and the Image of God (May 2007)
Adolescent Passion: A Connection Between Church and Culture (August/September 2007)
Earthquakes, Stormy Seas, and a Sleeping Savior (April 2010)
TV as Mediator of Community (October 2010)

Layton, Peter
"Tree Rings", "Cast", and "Spells" (October 2007)
"Catchment" and "Was, When" (February 2009)

Lee, Faith
Knock-A-Mole (November 2004)

Lee, Hak Joon
The Heart's Bent (May 2005)
On Being Reformed: An Interview with Max Stackhouse (October 2005)
Martin Luther King, Jr. and the War on Terror (January 2007)
Am I My Brother's Keeper? (June/July 2007)
To Save the Soul of America: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Renewal of America Today (March 2008)

Leugs David J.
Faithful to the (Curtain) Call (November 2011)

Leunk, Thea
The Psalm of a Worm (March 2007)

Lewis, Bradley G.
Using Historic Strength to Make New Glue (November 2009)

Libolt, Clayton
Doors (October 2007)

Lief, Jason
Stephen's Speech: The Tabernacling of God in Grandfather's Kitchen (October 2007)
Atonement Conversation...Continued (April 2009)
Coming to the Table: Discussing Food in the Middle of Farm Country (August/September 2010)
The Scary Love of Homer Simpson (October 2010)
Stuff My Uncle Told Me (April 2011)

Lilly, Rebecca
"A Wake: Haiku" (November 2004)

Livingston Noah
Paying Attention (January 2010)

Lowes, Robert
Daughter's Breakfast (May 2007)
The Dance of the Man on the Warning Sign (October 2008)
Dylan Thomas: Getting One Big Thing Right (November 2008)

Luidens, Don
Bethlehem Beckoning (March 2005)
Beirut Challenge (March 2004)
The Mournful Sounds of Implosion (November 2009)

Lundberg, Matthew D.
Tripping over the Adverbs: A Eucharistic Meditation (February 2010)

-- M --

MacLean, Christine
Prophylactic Poetry (October 2011)

Macnamara, Traci J.
Antarctic Commute (March 2006)
Fall on Your Face (May 2011)

Martin, D.S.
The Pump at the End of the Lane and Canticle (August/September 2006)

Marie, Megan
On Choosing Hope (January 2009)

Marty, Peter W.
Easter Fears (April 2005)

Mast, Gregg
Journeys Spiritual and Global (August/September 2011)

Matheson, Stephen
Christ's Ascension and Biology (May 2006)
Reformed Intramurals: What Neo-Calvinists Get Wrong (February 2008)

Mathonnet-VanderWell, Sophie
A Treasure Hunt (October 2004)

Mathonet-VanderWell, Stephen
Stem Cells and the Fabric of Life: How I Changed My Mind (October 2004)
Looking for Judas (April 2005)
The Spirit Leads Us into Truth: An Interview with Eugene Heideman (December 2005)
Interview with I. John Hesselink (October 2007)
The Joy of Caucusing (April 2008)
Response (June/July 2008)
Overshadowed (November 2008)
Porn (April 2009)
Blood on Our Hands (April 2010)
Salve for the Evangelical Soul (January 2011)
Pushing Ourselves Forward (August/September 2011)
Plumb (December 2011)

McCullough Moore, Linda
God will Juxtapose and Juxtapose (December 2010)

McElroy, Jerome L.
Two Poems (February 2005)

McGarrahan, Eunice
God and On-Star (March 2004)
After Baptism: Shaping the Christian Life (February 2006)
Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity (March 2006)

McLaughlin Malyon, Matthew
Cardiac (February 2010)

Meecham, Ben
Dispelling a Memorial Day Myth (August/September 2006)

Meeter, Daniel
Apologetics and Widows (October 2007)
The Magnificat (December 2007)
The RCA and the Kingdom of God (March 2008)
Watching the Anglicans (June/July 2008)
Tradition (October 2008)
Windows and Worldviews (February 2009)
How A-Rod Can Be Saved (May 2009)
An Unexpected Benefit of Weekly Communion (December 2009)
The Ordeal of the Sermon (August/September 2010)
Observations on the World Communion of Reformed Churches (December 2010)
Papageno (January 2011)
Catenary: The Curve of a Hanging Chain (May 2011)
Twenty-Seven Years with the Belhar Confession (June/July 2011)
Body Language (October 2011)
In Search of a General Secretary (December 2011)

Meeter, Melody
A Peacekeeping War (October 2004)

Memmer, Philip
The Flood and Lucifer Feeds the Billions and Billions (May 2010)

Mew, Charlotte
The Trees Are Down (January 2006)

Michener, Ronald T.
The Facelessness of Facebook: A Few Lessons from Levinas (November 2010)

Miles, Carrie A.
Scripture, Economics, and Family Values (May 2006)

Miller, Daniel R.
What has Managua to do with Baghdad? (August/September 2003)

Mobley, Michael
Just Before An Owl Broke My Windshield (January 2010)

Moran, Patrick
go this way, ill-tempered man lives here, this is NOT a safe place, road is spoiled full of other hobos, there are thieves about (April 2008)

Morrison, Becca
AIDS in Africa: Up-Close and Personal (February 2003)

Mouw, Richard J.
To the End of the Earth (May 2004)
Wonderful Words of Life (November 2004)
What the Millennialists Have Right (December 2009)
24: The Moral Work of Watching (October 2010)
The Selfsame One (April 2011)

Mueller, Fred
Candles in Windows (October 2003)
America's Clergy: Facing the Future by Looking at the Past (April 2009)

Mulder, Edward
Solidarity Is a Two Way Street (May 2008)

Mulder, John M.
Who Cares? (November 2007)
Pilgrim's Progress: You Can't Make it Alone (May 2010)

Mulder, Mark
Are Men Really Wild at Heart? (October 2004) with James K. A. Smith
Time to Say Goodbye to Chief Illiniwek--Finally! (May 2007)
Making Sense of Church (March 2010) with James K.A. Smith

Munroe, Amanda
Labels (October 2009)

Munroe, Jeffrey
Shades of Glee (May 2011)
Losing My Mother, One Memory at a Time (November 2011)

Myers, David G.
Changing Sexual Orientation? A Look at the Data (April 2005) with Letha Dawson Scanzoni
Children of the Living God: A Reply (August/September 2005)
National Secularity, Individual Religiosity, and Human Flourishing (August/September 2009)
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (May 2010)

-- N --

Naude, Piet J.
For South Africa, North America, and the Church Worldwide (May 2008)

Nelson, Brad
The Year of Living Like Jesus (December 2010)

Norden, Billy
Beyond Committees (April 2007)

-- O --

O'Durr Supranowicz, Edward Michael
Written in and the Wind, Definite versus Definition, Once Sadness (May 2008)

O'Keefe, Kenneth
"The Ghosts of November" and "My Front Door: A Fable" (October 2003)
Three Sonnets (December 2005)

Oliver, Raymond
How to Cope, Church Downtown, and Witness (August/September 2005)

Ollenburger, Ben C.
Numbers (June/July 2010)

Olson, Grace
Forsythia: An Incantation (March 2010)

Oppewal, Donald
When God Speaks, Are We Listening With Both Ears? (June/July 2008)

Ostrom, Hans
"To War Again" and "Eligible" (January 2004)
"Skylights" (February 2004)

Overman, Dean L.
The World After September 11: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism (May 2003)

-- P --

Pahls, Michael J.
Abraham's Other Wife: Negotiating Homosexuality in a Situation of Ecclesiological Chaos (June/July 2005)

Palka, Kathe L.
"Clover Hill Reformed Church (Hillsborough, NJ)" and "Faith to See" (February 2003)

Park, Kevin
Nations will bring their glory (November 2004)
Marginality (January 2009)

Pauley, Garth E.
Seeing Abraham and Isaac (March 2011)

Payton, James R. Jr.
Evangelical Bookstores and the Evangelical Mind (February 2004)

Pennings, Timothy
Haggai, Mathematical Dynamics, and the Nature of Good and Evil (February 2003)

Pettit, Dave
Communion in Red (January 2010)

Phillips, David A.
Devouring Each Other (June/July 2007)

Phulery, Thomas B.
The Beejabers (January 2003)
Sorry (October 2003)
Curmudgeons: An Apologia (February 2004)
I Told You So (June/July 2004)
Getting Away (March 2005)

Pierce, Chad
God With Us (January 2010)

Plantinga, Cornelius Jr.
Christ the Fool (February 2005)

Plantinga, Neal
God's Assignment (August/September 2008)

Plantinga Pauw, Amy
Theology and Suffering (December 2006)

Pollard, Chad
Athletic Arms Race (April 2010)

Porter, Brian Brian Porter
Can Social Policy Foster Christian Morality? (April 2005) with Brigitte Hamon-Porter
Christianity and Social Policies: A Response to Chad Ray (June/July 2005) with Brigitte Hamon-Porter

Pott, Jon
The Real Thing (February 2003)

Primus, John H.
Recovery of Original Sin--An Antidote? (December 2003)

-- R --

Raar, Carolyn
Fools Gold or Costly Treasure (December 2003)

Rampp, Charles
"rush creek with carp" and "adolescence" (January 2007)

Ratzlaff, Vern
All a-twitter (November 2008)

Ray, A. Chadwick
Can Politics Make America More Christian? (June/July 2005)
Science on Purpose (December 2005)
Grounding Justice (March 2009)

Rienstra, Debra
Always Beginners (November 2005)
Attending to Faith, Doubt, and Joy (May 2007)
Get Thee Behind Me, Fat (November 2007)
New (and Dull?) Apologetics (October 2008)
"Peonies" (May 2009)
Lost: Tramping through the Jungle toward the Glowy Light (October 2010)
The Divine Regard (November 2011)

Roberts, Eugene
On Being the Church in the World (November 2008)

Robinson, Anthony B.
In a Fearful World, Has Safety Become Our False God? (December 2007)
Fun at Church? (April 2008)
An Unexpected Nativity Story (December 2008)

Robinson, Marilynne
Robinson Responds to Hesselink (August/September 2011)

Rodriguez de Vásquez, Maria N.
A True Story Happening Now (November 2008)

Roeda, Jack
Before and After: While It Was Still Dark (April 2004)

Rollefson, John
A Church for Times Like This (October 2005)
Invoking in Public (October 2006)
Thanksgiving Angels (November 2007)

Romanowski, William
Seeing With the Eyes of Faith: Evangelicals and the Film Arts (February 2004)

Root, Andrew
Did the TV Kill Meaning? Screens, Disneyland, and Goat Poop (October 2010)

Rottman, John
Grace's Epiphany (January 2007)

Rubingh, Gene
My Only Comfort (June/July 2011)

Ryan, A. Chadwick
Why Obama? (November 2010)

Ryan, Paul
Praise Team or Worship Team? (June/July 2006)

-- S --

Sajdak, Jeffrey L.
Staying In Earshot (May 2004)
The Fourth Act (June/July 2008)
Rain and Drought (October 2011)

Satterlee, Thom
"Saint Augustine's One Hundred and Eight Names for God" and "Resurrection Bird" (February 2008)

Schaap, David
The Love We Give, The Love We Get (April 2003)

Schaap, Howard
Reading Tiger Woods: The Legend, The Myth, The Man (February 2010)
The Bakery Conversation (April 2011)
Music and Politics: U2 and the Country of Adolescence (June/July 2011)

Schaap, James Calvin
In Just Spring (May 2003)
Jubilee (May 2005)
A Huge Step (January 2009)
Zuni Christian Reformed Church (August/September 2009)
The Sorcerer's Smile (December 2009)
A Dirge for My Mother's Cousin (June/July 2010)
Life, and Death: a memoir (August/September 2011)

Scheer, Greg
Worship Composition: Looking Back, Looking Forward (June/July 2006)
January Thaw (January 2008)
Always (March 2008)

Schelhaas, David
A Frugal Capitalism (January 2003)
The Morality of Wealth (April 2003)
Airplanes and Embryos (March 2004)
These Fragile, Gaudy Flowers (June/July 2004)
Candidate and Senate (November 2004)
His Holy Temple (December 2005)
William Jennings Bryan and the Christian Left (August/September 2006)
Mother and Father (February 2007)
Springs of Water (January 2008)
Tree Hugger! (December 2010)

Scholer, David M.
Prisoners of Hope: Living with Cancer (January 2006)

Schoon, Chris
Ruminating Around a Backyard Fire: Considering Evangelism (April 2011)

Schoon Tanis, Gretchen
Shifting Focus (January 2006)
Martha, Mary, and the Baby (May 2007)
The Arms of Christ (June/July 2008)
A Simple Peek (March 2009)
Still Practicing (June/July 2011)

Schuette, Allison
Mercy and Fallen (October 2010)

Schreur, Edward H.
Smiling in Church (January 2003)
Christians in the Arabian Peninsula (February 2008)
Mosque Prayer Questions (April 2009)
Good Sermons (January 2011)

Sellers, Heather
The Language of the Couple (February 2011)

Selles, Otto
Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, Michigan (February 2010)

Shaffer VanDoren, Sandra
"Kyrielle for an Ash Wednesday Rush Hour" (March 2005)
"Hymn to Spring, with Seven-Fold Amen" and "Unfolding" (April 2006)

Shepherd, J. Barrie
Cold Turkey Days (April 2003)
"Recollection" (February 2004)
"Gethsemane" (May 2004)
"Death of a Theologian" (June/July 2005)

Shreffler, Wendy
To the Child I'll Never Bear, Should I Be Wrong (August/September 2010)

Simon, Caroline J.
Community, Rootedness, and Deliverance from Evil (June/July 2003)
The Alchemy of Grace (August/September 2004)
Augustine for Today (February 2010)

Slager, Emma
Victorio Communion (January 2008)

Small, Joseph D.
Theology's Passive Voice (October 2005)

Smallbones, Jackie L.
The Way (December 2008)
Amistad Christiana, Sioux Center, Iowa (January 2010)

Smit, Christopher R.
A New and Beautiful Design (January 2006) with Rosemarie van der Jagt

Smit, Laura
Looking Forward to Judgment Day (December 2004)

Smith, David I.
Irony, Soveriegnty and Cheeses (June/July 2003)
Psalm 113--The Movie (January 2005)
How Not to Bless the Nations (Dcember 2005)
Practicing Christian Education (June/July 2008)

Smith, Duane
Redefining Youth Ministry in a Postmodern Culture, Revitalizing Reformed Churches (August/September 2007)

Smith, James K. A.
Are Men Really Wild at Heart? (October 2004) with Mark Mulder
"Remember You Are Catholic" (November 2004)
Working At Rest (May 2005)
How to Get Your Hands Dirty (June/July 2005)
Nothing Outside the Text? Taking Derrida to Church (March 2006)
The Last Prophet of Leviathan (April 2008)
Thinking Biblically About Culture (February 2009)
Making Sense of Church (March 2010) with Mark T. Mulder
Writing (and) Theology (May 2011)
A Peculiar People (November 2011)

Smitherman Trapp, Joonna
It's Twilight Time Again--Can Hundreds of Moaning Teens (and Moms) be Wrong? (May 2010)

Soule-Hill, Jennifer
Depth and Detail, Affordable and Accessible (August/September 2010)

Southwell, Robert
"The Nativity of Christ" (December 2003)

Speelman, Tabitha
Bread Necessary (Janaury 2008)

Steen, Todd
Will There be Marketing in Heaven? (November 2003) with Steve VanderVeen
What to Do About Wal-Mart? (May 2006) with Steve VanderVeen
Born to Shop (December 2008) with Steve VanderVeen

Stephen, Ellen
"Congruity," "Wonder," and "Transition" (October 2005)

Stob, Henry
The Amazing Love of God! (November 2003)
He Is Risen! An Easter Mediation (April 2006)

Stockton, Jessica
Looking Forward to Lent (January 2010

Stubbs, David L.
Risking Beauty at the AAR (August/September 2004)
To Vote or Not to Vote (January 2009)
Nourishing Directions for Eucharistic Theology and Practice (November 2010)

Suhr, Mandy
Gone Fishing (April 2005)

Suk, John D.
Why Jedi Knights Rule: How Reading and Writing Still Matter (January 2004)
A Personal Relationship with Jesus? (November 2005)

Sytsma Bratt, Susan A.
Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 2009)
For Calvinists Young and Old (April 2011)

-- T --

Tanis Parr, Judy
Out of This World: Viewing Life Sub Specie Aeternitatis (March 2004)
Defining the Future: Response 1 (May 2010)

Tennyson, Alfred
"A New Year's Poem" (January 2005)

Theodore, Christudoss V.
To the City and to the World (June/July 2003)

Theule-Van Dam, Arika
Following the Leader (March 2004)
Halfway to Perfect (March 2006)
Of Wocks and Women (October 2009)
Light Gaps (April 2010)
Re-membering the Body (February 2011)

Thompson, Thomas R.
Atonement Conversation...Continued (April 2009)

Tiemstra, John P.
Price Discrimination and Fairness (April 2006)
Financial Crisis and the Culture of Risk (May 2009)
Theologians and Economists in Dialogue (November 2010)

Timmer, David E.
Politically Correct Bonhoeffer (November 2003)
RIP WMD, ASAP (IMHO) (February 2004)
Laughter in the Precincts of Grace (May 2004)
A Cringe and a Challenge (October 2004)
Conceiving the Christian College (November 2006)
Same-Sex Marriage: Crisis in Society, Summons to the Church (January 2005)
Neither Secular nor Sectarian (December 2005)
Misquoting Jesus (December 2008)
Hitchens' God Not So Good (January 2009)
Christianity and Culture: Engagement or Triumph? (February 2009)
Duelling Bonhoeffers (October 2011)

Timmer, John
Romans 9-11 Revisited (December 2007)
First Drown, Then Live (December 2008)

Timmerman, John H.
In Search of the Great Goodness: The Poetry of Jane Kenyon (May 2003)
A Broken Heart (March 2010)

Town, Greg
Gaming Meets God (August/September 2007) with Miriam Ippel

Truesdell, Tom
Language, Justice, and the Christian Liberal Arts: Why School Isn't Always Fair (August/September 2010)

Tyler, J. Jeffrey
The Fruit of Discord (January 2011)

-- V --

Van Arragon, Lisa
Faith and Vision (June/July 2007)

Vande Kopple, William J.
Justice Rolling Down (June/July 2004)
Forever and Ever (January 2006)
Walking the Walk (May 2010)
As a Father... (June/July 2011)

Vanden Bosch, James
To Endure (February 2005)
The Road (October 2007)
Madison Square Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (May 2010)

Vander Giessen-Reitsma, Kirstin
Engaging Eleanor Rigby: A Christian Alternative to Lonely Listening (March 2009)

van der Jagt, Rosemarie
A New and Beautiful Design (January 2006) with Christopher R. Smit

Vander Lugt, Robert
One Hundred Pages Waiting (December 2011)

Vander Meulen, Peter
Confessional and Confessing (May 2008)

Van Der Slik, Jack
On Legalized Gambling (Janaury 2010)
Reformed Christians and American Grace (May 2011)

VanderVeen, Steve
Will There be Marketing in Heaven? (November 2003) with Todd Steen
What to Do About Wal-Mart? (May 2006) with Todd Steen
Born to Shop (December 2008) with Todd Steen

Vander Weele, Michael
Persisting in the Pew (August/September 2006)

Van Der Weele, Steven J.
Validating the Faith: The Poetry of Rod Jellema (March 2011)

Vanderwell, Howard
Look Who is Worshiping! (June/July 2006)

VanDerWerff, Jeffrey A.
Contemporary Pagan Corruptions: Why 'How' is as Important as 'What' for Evangelicals in Politics (February 2010)

Van Dyk, Leanne
Barbed Questions and Bread from Heaven (August/September 2003)
The Grand Vision and the Ordinary Stuff (February 2011)
Thanks and Farewell to Scott (August/September 2011)

Van Dyk, Wilbert M.
In Christ (February 2011)

Van Dyke, Christina
The Beauty in Brokenness (March 2005)

Van Engen, Abram
Like Jacob and Esau: The Historic Postures of the RCA and the CRC (January 2004)

Van Ens, Jack R.
Surviving When Life Squeezes Us Sideways (June/July 2005)
What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us (December 2008)
The Bully Pulpit (January 2009)

Van Klompenburg, Carol
Remember the Sounds and Silence (November 2003)
On Buses: Three Scenes and an Epilogue (May 2004)
Singing a New Song (November 2006)

Van Leeuwen, Mary Stewart
Living Up to What We Have Already Attained (August/September 2005)

Van Oort, Harlan
Gridiron Liturgy (January 2004)

Van Til, Kent A.
Not Too Much Sovereignty for Economics, Please: Abraham Kuyper and Mainstream Economics (November 2008)

Van Til, Reinder
A Landmark Election (January 2009)

Van Zetten Bruins, Sarah
A Parable of Hospitality (August/September 2007)

Vaughn, Henry
"Easter Day" and "Easter Hymn" (May 2003)

Veldkamp, Joel
The Heights (April 2010)

Verhey, Allen
Missing Peace (February 2008

Vink, Tim
In Response to "Devouring One Another" (March 2008)

Vis, Marlin
Bad Enough (December 2007)
Windshield Wipers (March 2011)

Visminas, Christine
Thoughts on Richard J. Mouw's Essay, "What the Millennialists Have Right" (March 2010)

Volf, Miroslav
Retrieving Hope (March 2005) with William H. Katerberg

Voskuil, Karsten
Cross-Shattered Christ and The Seven Last Words from the Cross (March 2006)
Grieving Without Giving Up (May 2010)

-- W --

Wagner, Shari
"The Prayers of Saint Meinrad" and "Indian Lake" (December 2008)

Walhout, Clarence
Jonathan Edwards' History with God (October 2003)

Walsh, Brian
There's No Place Like Home (April 2008) with Steve Bouma-Prediger
Creation Dreams and Ecological Nightmares (February 2011)

Walters, Steven
"This Moment" and "Climbing Back" (December 2007)

Walton, Julie
Our Plenty, Our Poverty: A Spiritual Retreat in the Central American Rainforest (January 2005)

Wangerin, Walter Jr.
"For the Twelfth Night", "Joseph's Carol" and "The Carol of Warm and Cold" (December 2011)

Warners, David
"Morning by Morning (New Mercies I See)" (November 2003)

Warren, Rebecca
Strenuous Wholeness (October 2007)

Webb-Mitchell, Brett
The School of the Pilgrim (February 2007)

Wells, Ronald A.
Educating for Shalom (June/July 2004)
Remembering Brother Roger of Taizé (December 2005)
Francis, Frank, and Me: A Reflection on the Career of Francis A. Schaeffer (January 2009)

Wells, Samuel
Ethical Improv (January 2005)

West, Travis
Unseen Grace: Lent in the Book of Exodus (March 2011)

Westphal, Carol
Bunny Hunt (May 2005)
After Hurricane Irene: A Lesson of Two Seas (October 2011)

Westphal, Merold
The Privilege of Touching (June/July 2006)
A Friendly Letter (April 2010)
Of Metaphysics and Theology (February 2011)

Whittler, John Greenleaf
From "Snowbound" (January 2003)

Wiersma, Gordon
The Eleventh Commandment (April 2003)
Eucharist (August/September 2011)

Wigger, J. Bradley
Missing God (April 2003)

Willis, Paul
"Paul Jonathan Willis" and "My Words" (November 2006)
Burn Victims (April 2010)

Wirzba, Norman
To Make and Be at Home (January 2010)
Eucharistic Table Manners: Learning How to Eat (February 2011)

Wise, R. Todd
Dialogue in Reason and Faith (November 2006)

Witvliet, John D.
Teaching Worship as a Christian Practice (June/July 2006)

Wright, N.T.
The New Creation in Person (November 2011)

Wolterstorff, Nicholas
In Reply to Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell (February 2008)
Can Human Rights Survive Secularization? Part I (March 2008)
Can Human Rights Survive Secularization? Part II (April 2008)
Forty Years Later (April 2009)

Work, Telford
Rock of Aged (June/July 2004)

World Alliance of Reformed Churches
Covenanting for Justice in the Economy and the Earth (May 2006)

-- Z --

Zwagerman Curbow, Joan
After Glory, Contemplation (November 2006)
A Few Frames from 2006: Family Values and 9/11 as Viewed by Hollywood (February 2007)
Give Us This Day (January 2008)
Christ as Mixed Metaphor (January 2008)

Zwart, Jane
Epiphany (December 2010)

Zwart Schaafsma, Lavonne
Reforming Sex Education (March 2008)

Zydek, Fredrick
"Learning to Enter the Silence" and "Praying for One's Enemies" (January 2005)
"Praying While the Trees Are Bare" (March 2006)
"What If God Is an Event" and "The Candle of Faith" (March 2008)

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