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In late February and early March, the RCA’s restructuring team will host five virtual roundtable meetings to present its third draft proposal for an optimized denominational structure for future health and sustainability. Unlike the first and second set of roundtable meetings, held in spring and fall 2023, to present the team’s first and second draft proposals respectively, these roundtable meetings will be virtual. Each of the five webinar meetings will have the same content, focused on the team’s third draft proposal.

At these meetings, the restructuring team will share the updated recommendations it plans to bring to General Synod 2024 in more detail and will explain the rationale and vision behind them. Attendees will then have the opportunity to discuss what they’ve heard with smaller groups of participants.

The team has been working to update, clarify, and adjust its individual draft proposals into the specific language used for recommendations to the General Synod, using the feedback from the second round of roundtable discussions, along with the team’s ongoing research and discernment. The updated draft will be shared in late February, prior to this third round of meetings; participants are encouraged to read it before attending one of these virtual meetings.

Anyone with a heart for the RCA is invited to participate in this last set of restructuring roundtable meetings. The team especially encourages delegates to General Synod 2024 to attend a meeting to allow more time for processing, praying, and discernment before synod considers and votes on recommendations in June. General Synod 2025 will consider follow-up recommendations, including changes to the Book of Church Order that may be indicated by decisions made this year. 

Some meetings will be in English, one will be in Spanish, one will have Spanish interpretation, and one will have small group discussions in Korean and Mandarin. The schedule below includes available language options. To register for one of these virtual roundtable meetings, click the link of the meeting below that you’d like to attend. Once you’ve registered, you will receive the meeting link. 



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