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The Commission on Nominations nominates members of the Reformed Church in America for election by the General Synod to its commissions, boards, and agencies. All confessing members of the RCA are eligible to serve. A brief description of the commissions, boards and agencies appear below.

Please consider whether service on a commission, board, or agency is something to which God is calling you.

If it is, then please provide the Commission on Nominations with information about yourself!

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The commissions, agencies, and boards

General Synod Council

As the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and program agent of the General Synod, as well as the Committee of Reference during the annual convening of the General Synod, the council seeks to enable participation in God’s work in the world and to equip congregations and assemblies for mission and ministry. It establishes policies for programs to fulfill these purposes. It oversees and evaluates the performance of the General Secretary, who is ultimately responsible for staffing and program implementation. It supports, strengthens and coordinates the commissions, boards, and institutions of the RCA; prepares a budget to sustain established priorities; and otherwise administers the affairs of the RCA between sessions of the General Synod. The council functions according to the principles of “policy governance,” originated by John Carver but modified to function within RCA polity. (BCO, Chap. 3, Part I, Art. 3, Sec. 6). Membership expectations

Pastoral Formation Oversight Board (PFOB)

The PFOB exists to serve classes, candidates, and congregations in the formation of pastoral leadership for the church. It’s purpose is to coordinate, evaluate, innovate, strategically anticipate, and collaboratively shape theological education and pastoral formation that will form pastoral leadership for the Reformed Church in America (RCA) that is rooted in the Reformed faith and tradition while engaging in the present and future, including (a) coordinating New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency as they work collaboratively, and (b) working alongside the Commissioned Pastor Advisory Team regarding pastoral formation for commissioned pastors.

Board of Benefits Services

The purpose of The Board of Benefits Services is to manage and administer the retirement and insurance programs required by BCO Formulary #5, the Reformed Church in America funded assistance programs, and to also ensure the availability of appropriate life insurance benefits, long-term disability benefits, and any other programs or services related to the financial and physical wellbeing of eligible ordained ministers and their dependents, and of other employees of agencies, assemblies, and institutions of the Reformed Church in America.

Ministerial Formation Certification Agency

The purpose of the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency is to strengthen the ministry of Word and sacrament in the RCA by overseeing and awarding the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry to RCA candidates graduating from non-RCA seminaries or pursuing an approved alternate route. The agency works closely with congregations, classes and seminaries in implementing the General Synod’s standards for the preparation for ministry. The agency provides courses and programs for the purpose of equipping future ministers of Word and sacrament.

Church Growth Fund Board

The CGF renders financial assistance in the erection or improvement of buildings for churches and other agencies or instrumentalities that are authorized by, and subject to the general oversight of, the Reformed Church in America or any of its regional synods or classes.