In his report to synod, general secretary Tom De Vries reviewed progress on “Transformed and Transforming: Radically Following Christ in Mission Together,” the 15-year vision for RCA mission and ministry that synod approved last year.

De Vries summarized the Transformed and Transforming journey so far. “It is a journey of transformation, of leadership, and of mission,” he said.

He emphasized that Transformed and Transforming is “a leadership journey—raising leaders for today—multi-generational leaders who live and love like Jesus and radically follow Christ in mission. And we especially focus on raising leaders for tomorrow—next-generation leaders.”

De Vries pointed out that the journey will require resources. Synod will vote on a special assessment to help launch Transformed and Transforming.

He encouraged leaders to present Transformed and Transforming to their congregants using materials in an “Explore and Engage” packet they received.

“We are moving from preparation to destination to connection to dedication,” he said. “From being ready for a significant and lengthy journey, to defining where we are going and what it means, to recognizing that how we engage is as important as what we engage in, and finally, to testing our devotion and dedication in living out the journey.”