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Partnership-in-Mission (PIM) share

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Help us fully fund our missionaries

At RCA Global Mission, we dream of a future where all of our missionaries are fully funded so they can solely focus on the work God has called them to do. Through partnership, supporting churches and individuals join the missionaries on the field. We dream of a future where Global Mission not only survives but truly thrives in the seasons ahead.

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What is a Partnership-in-Mission (PIM) share?

RCA Global Mission does not receive denominational assessments or covenant shares. We depend on the faithful generosity of churches and individuals.

RCA Global Mission is funded primarily through Partnership-in-Mission (PIM) shares. A PIM share is a financial commitment that provides an on-going base of support for RCA Global Mission missionaries, partners, and current needs. You or your church can commit to a full, half, or quarter PIM share, or any other amount for a specific RCA missionary, mission partner, or current need. Shares for 2022 are set at $6,900. Monthly and one-time gifts are also a blessing to the ministry and mission of RCA Global Mission.

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Do Missionaries Raise All of Their Own Support?

When a missionary joins the RCA Global Mission family, we partner together to make their call to mission a financial reality. Global Mission provides administrative support, communication resources, budget support, and additional services to help missionaries connect and fundraise with churches and individuals. Once a new missionary meets their fundraising goal (a set number of PIM shares based on their budget), they are sent into the field. 

Director of Global Mission JP Sundararajan, also a former missionary, shared at RCA General Synod 2021 how the fundraising journey was essential and rewarding in terms of networking and building a ministry team. However, he says, “getting fully funded was truly liberating and helped us focus on what God was calling us to do. Seeing the ministry explode, and sharing those stories with our new friends on the journey, made even the hardest days on the mission field worth every second.” 

Sometimes, once a missionary is in the field, their supporting churches and individuals may have budget challenges or decide to end their financial commitment. When this happens, Global Mission works with missionaries to keep them financially afloat and in the field until they can regain their full support. Needing to fundraise while also working on the ground is difficult; this is a challenge that Global Mission seeks to remedy through additional PIM shares.

Where Do I Fit In?

Whether you are a big church, a mid-size church, or a new church plant; whether you are a business owner or a family looking to follow God’s call in mission; whether you are staying in the RCA or trying to figure out where God might be leading you in the next season, we at RCA Global Mission have a bold ask: will you consider committing to a Partnership-in-Mission share? 

When you or your church partners with Global Mission through a PIM share, you will receive regular updates from your missionaries, visits from missionaries when they return to the U.S. for home assignments, prayer card communication tools, and, most importantly, the joy of following God’s call in mission around the world. 

God will do amazing things with your loaves and fishes. To God alone be all the glory, now and forever.

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Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to intentionally integrate mission into your work? We want to help you align your passions with a mission focus.

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