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Global Needs

Give the Gift of Hope

Respond to the needs of refugees

Support our partners and respond to immediate unforeseen needs

Help a Missionary in Need of Support

Give disaster relief internationally


Give accessible healthcare to Maasai communities

Provide reliable health emergency transportation among the Pokot

Help orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa

Bear Christ’s witness through supporting medical ministry in Niger

Care for South Sudanese Refugees.

Train Leaders in Christian Muslim Relations in Ethiopia


Share the gospel with impoverished children in the Philippines

Continue a child’s education in India

Help plant churches in Nepal

Ease the cost of education for Christian leaders in Cambodia

Help grow the global church in Myanmar

Help more Japanese youth hear the gospel


Support a rock climber and be a witness in Romania

Resettle Refugees from Ukraine

Latin America and the Caribbean

Empower local Guatemalan leaders to create holistic community transformation

Give healthcare and the gospel message to remote Amazon villages

Train indigenous missionaries in Brazil

Feed children in Nicaragua

Provide educational resources for students in Abaco, Bahamas

Middle East

Provide Scholarships for Interfaith Peacebuilding Experiences in Oman

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Looking for a specific need?

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