General Synod

The 2018 General Synod will take place June 7-12 on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Resources for the 2017 General Synod:


Online Resources

James Nakakihara Elected Synod Vice President

Synod delegates have elected James Nakakihara as vice president of General Synod 2018.

Synod Looks to Standards to Define Marriage

On Monday, June 12, General Synod affirmed that the Heidelberg Catechism in Q&A 108 and 109 “

General Synod Sets 2018 Assessment and PIM Share

General Synod set the 2018 per-member assessment at $53.75.

Synod Votes to Support Refugees

On Monday, June 12, General Synod urged RCA congregations to take action regarding the global ref

Meet the General Synod Vice President Nominees

On Monday, June 12, delegates nominated three candidates for General Synod vice president.