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The new site helps Christians expand their imagination, take action, and deepen their love for Jesus.

Head to, and you’ll find an array of articles featuring innovative church ministries, interviews with pastors and lay leaders, and essays that explore faith. This new site, as hinted at in its name, is all about moving faith forward.

How was born

The site launched in early February, but the idea hatched months before.

“Honestly, it started when we were revamping the RCA Today website. As we talked, we felt convicted that our scope was too narrow,” says Grace Claus, managing editor of RCA Today and a member of the team that developed “We really wanted to put God’s kingdom first and make sure that everything we do is driving toward Christ and the growth of his kingdom.”

With that goal in mind, the team started envisioning an online space for Christians of all stripes—Reformed and non-Reformed alike—to get ideas for living out their faith. Rather than simply changing the look of the RCA Today site, they decided to develop a new website that would welcome a broader audience than RCA members alone.

A new space for a changing church

“The church is changing, and the world is different; the future of the church depends on more than just pastors and more than just the RCA, more than just consistories and people in leadership. It depends on all of us taking seriously what it means to be church and follow Christ,” says Grace Ruiter, the RCA’s digital content coordinator. “We wanted to create a space for that exploration to happen and for people to be inspired to live every aspect of their life out through the lens of their faith.”

Right now, the site hosts stories that also appear in RCA Today magazine, essays written by pastors and laypeople from across the RCA and beyond, and articles from RCA ministry staff to equip readers to more faithfully follow Jesus in their communities. The site reflects a broadly Reformed theology, but it aims to be accessible to readers who aren’t well acquainted with the RCA. Articles announcing denominational news will still be housed on

What’s next? Down the road, may offer other kinds of content—videos or questionnaires, for instance. RCA staff is also developing an online learning platform where people and churches can go deeper in their transformation and engagement in Christ’s mission.