Resources for Your Church to Make an Impact

By January 26, 2017 No Comments

Make an impact in your neighborhood. Start with a MissionInsite report from Church Multiplication.

Does your congregation want to make a missional impact in your community or neighborhood? Maybe you want to but aren’t sure where to begin. What questions do you ask? And how do you know that you’re even asking the right questions?

Here’s a great way to start: get a MissionInsite report through the RCA’s Church Multiplication team. MissionInsite will analyze your community and help your congregation understand the makeup of your neighborhood.

Tim Rotman, copastor of Peace Reformed Church in Eagan, Minnesota, says this about his church’s MissionInsite report:

The thing that I appreciate about [the MissionInsite material] the most is that sometimes I think I know what our community is like, but when looking at these reports, I find surprises. There are also great highlights that can help focus our ministry. In our reports … it specifically tells us that two big needs in the neighborhood across the street are activities for seniors and for families. Things like this help us meet people where they are at and understand how to serve them better. 

To make a missional impact in your neighborhood, start by getting answers to the right questions. Reports from MissionInsite are available for your congregation at no charge by contacting the RCA’s Church Multiplication team at multiply@rca.org.