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Disability Awareness Sunday: Children's Message

Ephesians 5:8-14: Children of Light

How many of you have seen a person in a wheelchair before? Did you feel scared? How many of you have relatives who don't walk very well or can't hear very well? Even though the person may not be able to do some things, perhaps he or she can do other things very well! Maybe the person is good at coloring or playing catch or making friends.

Sometimes, when we see only what a person can't do, we miss what they can do very well. When we feel scared of someone because of how they look, we miss the chance to be their friend. When we look at what people can do, it might be easier to like them and be friends with them. When we are friends with people, we love them.

One of our Bible stories for today talks about all of us having a light inside of us that Jesus put there because he loves us. When we all love other people, we are letting Jesus' light shine in us for all the world to see. Even if there are some things we can't do, we can all love people. That's what Jesus wants us to do--love other people!

Close by singing "This Little Light of Mine."

Compiled by Robyn Saylor, an RCA minister and coordinator of Sunrise Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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