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Earthquake Rocks Remote Area of China

Photo courtesy of Reuters Alert Net/Kevin Zhao

The death toll from the deadly April 14 earthquake in the northwestern China province of Qinghai has increased to over 2,000, according to Amity, the RCA's partner in China. Tens of thousands remain homeless. Some 12,000+ were injured and over 200 remain missing, the BBC reported.

While survivors are reported to have basic supplies such as food, water and temporary shelter, logistics remain difficult because of the affected region's isolation and high altitude--13,000 feet above sea level.


A team from the CWS-supported Amity Foundation arrived Saturday (April 17) at Cuoduo Village, a badly-affected area in Longbao Township, Qinghai province. Cuoduo Village is inhabited by 1,550 villagers, of whom 33 died, 12 remain missing, and 105 injured. Amity is the first group providing assistance in the village.

Photo courtesy of Reuters Alert Net/China Daily

The Amity team distributed relief aid to approximately 1,500 villagers, some 200 households. This initial shipment included 480 blankets; 850 boxes of instant noodles; and 350 cartons of water from Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province.

Today, Amity reported that more relief materials have been distributed in other areas, including Cuosang Village and Cuomei Village. Cuosang Village is the most heavily destroyed area in Longbao Township. Twenty-nine people perished, and nearly 800 people were injured, of whom 69 people remain seriously injured.

"People from thousands of miles away care about us, bring us food and drinks. You have given us hope for life," said a villager in Zanian village where Amity has also been active.

Among the items in the Amity distribution: 300 quilts and bed sheets; 2,500 kilos of wheat flour; and 50 tons of rice. One villager told Amity: "This rice and flour is so precious to us. It is our first time to receive relief materials like this after the earthquake."

Additional shipments are being sent to the region; these include 2,790 cartons of mineral water; 1,120 cartons of canned meat; 517 cartons of instant noodles; 7 tons of rice; 10.5 tons of wheat flour; 300 bed sheets.

Reformed Church World Service, in collaboration with Church World Service, will support response and rehabilitation efforts by the Amity Foundation. Amity is preparing a preliminary appeal for ACT, Reformed Church World Service, and other partners.

How to help

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Pray for the people of China, especially for those who have lost loved ones or are homeless.

Donate to provide temporary shelter, food, and water to the thousands of homeless and displaced. Send contributions, designated "China Earthquake" to Reformed Church in America, P.O. Box 19381, Newark, NJ 07195-1938 or, in Canada, to Regional Synod of Canada, 201 Paradise Road N., Hamilton, ON L8S 3T3. To donate by credit card, click the "Make a Donation" Button.


Posted 04/20/10

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