The Regional Synod of Albany gathered to celebrate ministry among its congregations.

By Lindsey De Kruif

In the Regional Synod of Albany, we like to say, “We are in this together for good.” It has become our motto. When the Synod Ministries Board met together last May at Camp Fowler for our planning retreat, we brainstormed ways that we could celebrate the many ways that congregations, classes, and the synod partner in ministry together. Thus, the Day of Mission and Ministry Celebration was born.

On Sunday, May 6, members of the congregations throughout the Synod of Albany joined the Synod Ministries Board at the Delmar Reformed Church in Delmar, New York, to celebrate the good and faithful ministry that is happening throughout our synod. This event was held in coordination with the annual regional synod meeting so delegates could be present for this event and join in the festivities. The report of the Synod Ministries Board was offered as part of the evening by its moderator, Patti Varga, an elder from Kinderhook Reformed Church in Kinderhook. The report included a video presentation of ministries within the synod that have received grant support from the Regional Synod of Albany.

During the Day of Mission and Ministry Celebration, congregations from around the synod had the opportunity to share how God is working through the ministries of their congregations. Congregations were also invited to participate in a ministry fair in which representatives from congregations shared resources with one another about the ministry they do in their local communities. Through the fair, congregations were able to share new ideas and to encourage one another to engage in ministry in new ways within their community.

The Regional Synod of Albany is a place where congregations and classes desire to work together to share God’s love in this world. Through the Day of Mission and Ministry Celebration, we were able to strengthen our relationships with one another as we encouraged one another in ministry. In some cases, new partnerships were formed in order to help congregations engage more deeply in mission.

Lindsey De Kruif is pastor of Helderberg Reformed Church in Guilderland Center, New York.