Latin America

Albino & Sandra Rodriguez

  • Education and leadership development

A bus trundles by, wheezing exhaust into the street. Crowds of people push past. To a teenager from the nearby valley, the city of Cusco, Peru, can be overwhelming. But because most rural households lack electricity and many more are without running water, young people often migrate to the city seeking opportunity.

Relocating from rural to urban areas leaves many young people vulnerable to exploitation, but La Casa del Maestro strives to combat that with discipleship. The organization, led with Albino and Sandy, prepares indigenous youth in Cusco to face the challenges of modern city life by empowering them with vocational training, equipping them with biblical truth, and helping them discern their calling in the world.

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Albino and Sandy Rodriguez give an update on their ministry in Cusco, Peru - October 2021

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