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As Chad Vanden Bosch walks on the dirt path through the fields, his steps kick up dust. This area of Mozambique hasn’t seen rain in months, but the irrigation ponds are full, thanks to natural springs. A palm tree marks the corner of New Harvest Farm, where crops are growing: pineapple plants, banana trees, peppers, tomatoes, and greens. In another field, black-eyed peas grow, enriching the soil with nitrogen while providing a crop. In an adjacent pasture, six speckled goats graze.

Extreme weather conditions in Mozambique make farming difficult, and severe poverty leaves many people focused only on where to get their next meal. New Harvest Farm teaches resilient farming practices so farmers can better provide for their families. Chad and Dara serve in partnership with Audio Scripture Ministries, also providing palliative care and distributing audio Bibles. At the heart of everything they do is sharing the gospel in the language of people’s hearts.

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Give to Audio Bibles - Mozambique
Help Chad Vanden Bosch record and distribute the Bible in audio form so that people in Mozambique who cannot read can still hear God's Word. Chad works in partnership with Audio Scripture Ministries.
Give to Compassionate Care Ministry - Mozambique
These funds will help provide hospice and palliative care for those with non curable diseases in the villages of Nhambia, Gideone and Pindanganga and train Mozambican caregivers to provide social, physical, emotional and spiritual care for those nearing the end of life.
Give to Farming with God New Harvest Farm - Mozambique
This fund exists to equip local subsistence farmers with new conservation farming skills and techniques to improve food security and reduce malnutrition in Central Mozambique

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Chad Vanden Bosch grew up on a small produce farm in Michigan, determined that he was not going to be a missionary. Being a missionary was so far from what he wanted, that when he felt called to mission work he knew it had to be God. Today, he is recording and distributing audio Bibles in Mozambique and teaching farming techniques that help improve the lives of local farmers and their families.

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