Phil and Olivia Iekel

About Phil and Olivia Iekel

Community in Nicaragua is built with guava, biblical training, and common mission. Fifty percent of rural Nicaraguans live in extreme poverty with lack of access to food, basic services, and education. Phil and Olivia work with local partners to help meet Nicaraguans’ physical and spiritual needs.

Olivia facilitates church partnerships and individual volunteer opportunities for the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD). Through faith-based leadership development, pastoral training, food security, and other programs, CEPAD ministers to the marginalized and helps communities develop sustainable practices for long-term transformation.

Phil serves as an associate structural engineer for Engineering Ministries International Nicaragua (EMI). He designs for Christian projects and disciples young professionals. EMI supports ministries throughout Nicaragua and Latin America and desires to see people restored by God and the world restored through design.

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Location: Nicaragua

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photo credit: A. Barth