Delegates from the RCA and Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) met for a joint session tonight to celebrate how our denominations work together on ministry. While General Synod delegates will be discussing more opportunities for partnership with the CRCNA in advisory committees, here are three ways the RCA and CRCNA already work together.

Disaster response

When natural disasters strike in North America, the RCA partners with World Renew Disaster Response Services, the disaster response arm of the CRCNA.

Disaster Response: What To Do and When 

Here’s how you can be most helpful at each step of the disaster recovery process.

Volunteer Opportunities 

You and your church can volunteer with our disaster response partners at the CRCNA to help at disaster recovery sites.

Recovery in the Virgin Islands 

See how RCA churches have responded to last fall’s hurricanes.

Church multiplication

The RCA and CRCNA work closely together to start new churches that share the gospel across North America. Here are some stories about how our partnership on church multiplication is having an impact:

Small Church on a Big Mission

Jeff Allen shares how his congregation in Littleton, Colorado, has partnered to plant other churches.

Kingdom Enterprise Zones (KEZs) are geographical areas where we work together to revitalize the church and start new churches. The KEZ in Nebraska began because of church planting, but it became so much more.

Church renewal

The RCA and CRCNA collaborate through several initiatives to share strategies for ministry and church revitalization.

Ridder: Churches Learning Change 

Leaders from CRCNA and RCA churches meet for a five-year process of personal transformation that leads to congregational change.

Recovering Our Sense of Adventure 

Through Ridder: Churches Learning Change, David and Rebecca Wulkan saw both their church and their marriage renewed.

The Reformed Leadership Initiative ran for two years, and it’s still having an impact. 

RLI inspired renovations to a Children and Worship classroom.

RLI gave La Senda del Amor a renewed sense of mission and helped the church be more proactive about training young leaders.  


Want to learn more about the RCA’s relationship with the CRCNA over the years? Here’s a lighthearted video that takes you through the highlights: