Four churches organized and 15 more were approved as church plants

On Friday, June 8, General Synod celebrated the organization of four new RCA churches in the past year, presenting pastors of those churches with plaques that commemorate their organization.

“Our staff has focused in this past year on helping classes who are ready to move to develop strong multiplication teams in their classes with vision and strategy and funding and champions to lead them,” said Randy Weener, coordinator for RCA Church Multiplication.

Since last June, the RCA has also approved plans for 15 new church plants, two-thirds of them congregations that bring greater diversity to the RCA, in locations ranging from coast to coast and in between.

“These 15 plants represent six of our classes. Eleven of them are coming from just two of our classes,” said Weener. “Here’s some wake-up announcements: Last year, I informed you that  82 percent of our plants are coming from just 14 classes. We have 32 classes that have not planted more than one church since 1999, which means there are entire geographical regions where we are not planting new churches, and we need your partnership.” Interested in following up? Contact to get started.

The newly organized RCA churches are:

  • Crossroads Church, Stony Brook, New York
  • Emmaus Church San Bernardino, Redlands, California
  • The Bridge, Allegan, Michigan
  • Tulare Community Church North, Tulare, California

The new church plants are:

  • Breakwater, Long Beach, California
  • Carismah Church, Katy, Texas
  • City Chapel, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Comunidad Cristiana Internacional, Wyoming, Michigan
  • Cristo Salva, Los Angeles, California
  • Emmaus Church San Bernardino, Redlands, California
  • Iglesia Fe, Riverside, California
  • Mansion of God/The Flame, Brooklyn, New York
  • Rectify Church, Allegan, Michigan
  • Reformed Church of LA, Los Angeles, California
  • Refuge Church South Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee
  • San Diego Church Planting Project, San Diego, California
  • Siloam Church, Lansing, Michigan
  • Stone Table Church, California
  • Tulare Community Church North, Tulare, California