“We felt like a story slam would capture some of the artistic and urban feel which is close to the heart of our church, but also allow people to simply tell their stories,” says pastor Josh Mc Paul. 

Robert H. Schuller, founder and former pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, died April 2 at age 88.

RCA general secretary Tom De Vries gives a statement on the recent killings of Egyptian Christians by criminals connected to ISIS/ISIL in Libya.

Key church leaders from all traditions met in Houston with Christian Churches Together to reflect on the impact and how immigrants are radically transforming the Church in the United States. New immigrants, a majority of which profess the Christian faith, are major actors in the transformation of American life and culture. 

In the sixth part of our series, Thomas HungYong Song shares his perspective.

In the fifth part of our series, Nickolas Miles shares his perspective.

In the fourth part of our It's Time series, Tony Campbell shares his perspective.

Third in our It's Time series, Denise Kingdom Grier shares her perspective on being a bridge.

Last month, general secretary Tom De Vries responded to recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York, related to the deaths of African American men. Now, it is time to listen to these voices. First, we hear from Abram Hall.