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Assessments and Financials

Every year, RCA churches contribute financially to the denomination to support RCA ministry and care for pastors. Individual donors also contribute to RCA ministry and mission around the world. The financial services team cares for the finances of the RCA. If you have any questions, please email our department at

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Church Assessments

Every year, RCA churches contribute a set amount of money per church member to the denomination. With assessments, the RCA is able to equip churches—and you—for ministry and to care for the pastors who serve it.

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The 2023 assessment has been set at $55.58 per member. Here is the breakdown of that number:

General Synod Council: $47.10
BOBS: $2.00
Theological education: $6.12
Sankofa (RE 22-2): $0.36
Total:                            $55.58

Classis treasurers are to send payments to:

In the U.S., make checks payable to “Reformed Church in America,” and indicate the purpose of the payment. Then mail to

Reformed Church in America
Attn: Finance Dept.
4500 60th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

In Canada, make cheques payable to “Regional Synod of Canada,” and indicate the purpose of the payment. Then mail to

Regional Synod of Canada
PO Box 1583 Stn Main
Woodstock, Ontario N4S 0A7

Covenant Shares

Covenant shares are a new assessment method based on income, specifically contributions received by the church. In a covenant shares funding system, each classis contributes to the denomination a flat percentage of the contributions received by each church within its bounds. As we, the RCA, commit to sharing in the funding of our mutual ministry, the name “covenant shares” emphasizes the covenantal nature of our work together.

General Synod 2019 approved a proposal to replace the current per-member assessment method with covenant shares and General Synod 2022 declared the related amendments to the Bylaws of the General Synod to be approved. The first year that covenant shares will be effective will be calendar year 2024.

The General Synod will annually approve the percentage rate to be used to calculate covenant shares; General Synod 2023 will approve the percentage rate that will be used for calendar year 2024. That approved percentage will be applied to contributions reported on Line 21 of the Consistorial Report Form. The GSC will invoice the classis for the covenant shares amounts for the churches within its bounds.

For the complete covenant shares proposal, see the minutes of the 2019 General Synod, beginning on page 47.

Download the Covenant Shares calculator

Just like assessments, covenant shares would make possible:

  • Transformed & Transforming initiatives
  • The work of the General Synod
  • Denominational ministry support services
  • Theological education
  • The Board of Benefits Services assistance fund

Why covenant shares? Covenant shares reflect four values:

  1. They are biblical, reflecting the Bible’s emphasis on cheerful, generous, regular giving, and specifically on tithing as a percentage of income.
  2. They are equitable, allowing each church to support denominational work in accordance with its means.
  3. They are simple, reducing the risk of error and confusion by using a straightforward formula.
  4. They are congregationally supported, backed by churches throughout the RCA and easy for them to implement.

Download Covenant Shares frequently asked questions

Global Mission Partnership in Mission

Learn more about Partnership in Mission (PIM) shares

Treasurers and church administrators

This area offers information and resources to treasurers and administrators as they support their churches in mission and ministry for Christ.

Get resources and information for church treasurers and administrators

Church Growth Fund

The RCA Church Growth Fund, Inc. (CGF) supports the work and witness of the RCA by making loans to RCA churches, classes, and other agencies and affiliates so they can purchase, construct, or improve church property or facilities. The CGF also provides funds for New Congregation Matching Grants. CGF funds come from gifts and bequests from members and friends of the RCA, the sale of savings certificates, and earnings on CGF assets.

RCA Financial Reports

For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021

For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020

For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019