Maasai Outreach Mission

About Maasai Outreach Mission

The Maasai, semi-nomads who graze huge herds of cattle and goats on the vast grasslands of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, need the good news of Jesus Christ presented in word and deed. The Maasai also need water, sustainable food sources, and, most urgently, a clinic and healthcare education.

Pastor Simon Muntolol founded Maasai Outreach Mission (MOM) in 1984 with a holistic approach to mission paired with sustainable community development principles. Pastor Simon trains evangelists who reach out to the Maasai with the gospel while still maintaining the Maasai culture. Today, MOM has more than tripled the number of churches among the Maasai.

Since 2007, the Reformed Church in America has partnered with MOM. Together, we have led a church planting movement through digging wells, supporting education, training teachers, developing church leadership, and providing healthcare for underserved, remote Maasai communities.

The most urgent need is developing a MOM clinic and community health mobilization and evangelism program. This program will provide quality, accessible healthcare and proactively strengthen community health education in Maasai communities.

Location: Kenya

Videos of Maasai Outreach Mission

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