Maasai Outreach Mission

About Maasai Outreach Mission

The Maasai, semi-nomads who graze huge herds of cattle and goats on the vast grasslands of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, need the good news of Jesus Christ presented in word and deed. The Maasai also need water. Due to 10 years of severe drought, many Maasai and their livestock have died. Global Mission has committed to digging water wells in Maasailand in partnership with Maasai Outreach Mission, which are crucial to the survival of the Maasai people and their livestock. Nine wells have been completed, while three more wells are in the process of being developed.

Through Maasai Outreach Mission, Pastor Simon Muntolol trains evangelists who reach out to the Maasai with the gospel while still maintaining the Maasai culture. To date, Maasai Outreach Mission has 105 churches with over 10,000 members.

The RCA has also committed to help the Maasai with literacy, healthcare, educational scholarships and pastoral education.

Location: Kenya

Videos of Maasai Outreach Mission

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