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In January, Monica Schaap Pierce will be stepping into the role of ecumenical associate for the RCA. In this position, she will develop and sustain ecumenical relationships between the RCA and other denominations, and represent the RCA in a variety of ecumenical settings.

Pierce brings to the position a passion for Christian unity and significant experience engaging with other parts of the body of Christ. Her theological education has taken her to schools affiliated with three different denominations. She attended Northwestern College (RCA) for her undergraduate studies and earned master’s degrees in theological studies and sacred theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) in Columbus, Ohio. She expects to complete a Ph.D. in systematic theology at Fordham University (Roman Catholic) in Bronx, New York, in May 2016.

Dialoguing with university students, classmates, and professors with different theological and cultural backgrounds has taught Pierce how to articulate her Reformed faith. It has also fostered in her a deep appreciation of shared beliefs among Christians of many traditions. She has already put these skills to work representing the RCA in the national Reformed-Catholic dialogue. She looks forward to representing the RCA in more ecumenical settings as the new ecumenical associate.

“I prayerfully anticipate the deepening of my ministry—both to the Reformed Church in America and to other communions—as I serve my fellow Christians, learn from them, and with them seek the unity of the Body of Christ,” she says.

“I look forward to seeing how God uses Monica’s passion for unifying the body of Christ to deepen relationships with our ecumenical partners and better engage in Christ’s kingdom mission together,” says Tom De Vries, general secretary.

Pierce replaces Wes Granberg-Michaelson, general secretary emeritus, who retired as ecumenical associate this fall.