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The new site helps Christians expand their imagination, take action, and deepen their love for Jesus.

Church pews with Bibles and hymnals

As more and more congregations seek renewal, the need for a navigation tool has become increasingly evident. That’s why the CRCNA and RCA are working together to equip churches for more effective ministry.

Robina Winbush presents at an ecumenical workshop at General Synod 2018.

Robina Winbush, director of ecumenical relations in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), died on March 12.

Felix-Theonugraha, 12th president of Western Seminary

Felix Theonugraha will start July 1, taking over from retiring president Tim Brown.

Vision 2020 group meeting

The team has been researching the implications of possible next steps for the RCA. They ask for authentic engagement and feedback on their work.

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It began as a journey of discovery in how to become more effective in leadership.

Last year, I was just a small freshman with little to no influence. But our God likes to work through the lowly.

There is so much that I can share about my experiences in Israel and Palestine. 

Church recovers its ministry to children, then encourages other churches

In April, a newly-formed Chicagoland Kingdom Enterprise Zone (KEZ) served up a feast of informati

As he helps to shape a church leadership program, Mark Veldt keeps remembering a video he saw more than 10 years ago.

“It showed an airplane being built around a businessman as he was flying through the sky,” he says.

I’ve wondered what it looks like to equip leaders for the church. What does it take to develop leaders for today and for tomorrow? Does it require fancy programs? Are small groups a must? This past June at General Synod my questions were answered in an unexpected way.

Were you told, as I was, that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I once set out, as a little boy, trudging on my little legs, to find the pot of gold. But no sooner did I get off our yard than my mother came and marched me back home. And when I looked over my shoulder, the rainbow had disappeared. There went my gold.

Lake Erie Classis and South Grand Rapids Classis are coming together to have greater impact in cities.

After a radical campus makeover, New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS) is well-positioned to train leaders going forward.

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