The Regional Synod of Albany takes greater ownership of Ridder.

The Ridder Church Renewal process, which has been transformative to faith communities all over the Regional Synod of Albany, is now called Ridder: Churches Learning Change. This new name reflects the purpose of engaging with the program—it is for church communities, which will learn together how to change and grow in faithfulness to God’s calling. The content will be the same, but now this effort is owned by our region as the three eastern regional synods work together to ensure it continues.  

Ridder: Churches Learning Change will happen in retreats, supplemented by online conferencing. This increases access and affordability for our churches to join these valuable learning communities. As the character of our lived faith changes and as church culture shifts, what tools do your leaders and your communities need in order to continue in faithful, missional, and authentic living? How are you listening to each other? How are you listening to God? 

Ready to explore all that God has planned for you? Contact Ali Stone (, Abby Norton-Levering (, or Sherri Meyer-Veen ( to begin your journey with Ridder: Churches Learning Change.